Back to our popup experience in Amsterdam

This september, Melvin & Hamilton went dutch for the first time with the launch of a new eshop, but also with a great popup experience, including a party & a photobooth… Let’s go back to Amsterdam with few pictures & videos!

A popup store

As we are constantly travelling, we were thrilled to open a Melvin & Hamilton pop-up shop in beautiful Amsterdam! From September 22 – October 11, 2015, our customers had the unique opportunity to spot & test our new fall/winter collection, and order them immediately in the shop.
Especially for our pop-up, we created entirely products: Melvin & Hamilton key chains and luggage tags, made of real leather in several different colours.


The launch party

In order to celebrate the launch of our pop-up shop, we organized an exclusive party! We invited DJs, Dutch fashion bloggers, lovely live artist Mimi Nizan and more exclusive guests. Mimi sketched her famous portraits of our guests, while the crowd enjoyed some lovely snacks & drinks: everybody loved the Hermit Gin x Fever Tree Gin & Tonics and Peroni beer… Our awesome DJs from FAMOUSFORNOW got everybody to dance and enjoy their music.

As a special gift for our special blogger guests, we had prepared goodie bags with some surprises inside: they each contained a luggage tag, a pair of shoes, a shoe tree, care products and a Melvin & Hamilton candle.


The photobooth

One of the best features we had at our party was the Melvin & Hamilton photo booth – it was the center of attention from the beginning until the end! We had lovely props as well: a chic hat, an orange holland wig, moustaches, and of course…Melvin & Hamilton shoes from our current fall/winter collection!


What could make the fact of having a photo booth even better? We turned it into a competition! And what could make this even better? That’s right, we turned it into 2 competitions…

First of all, our lovely fashion bloggers were encouraged to take stunning photos (and they did – see the results here!), in order to win an exclusive Melvin & Hamilton trip to Paris!

Roy27 (1)

Secondly, we invited our daily customers in the shop to become photo models themselves, and by that to get the chance to actually win a pair of shoes (take a look at the album on Facebook)!

The lottery

The second weekend of the pop-up shop, we offered our customers a Melvin & Hamilton lottery… There was a number of different prizes – from shoe trees to discounts to Moyee Coffee to a pair of Melvin & Hamilton shoes.


Altogether, our pop-up shop was a very positive experience. We loved meeting our customers & fans in real life. This was definitely a first, but who knows…maybe not a last time!