One day with our styles Betty & Toni: The perfect match!

They are the perfect match, Betty for her and Toni for him. These two styles offer plenty of models that can be worn on various occasions, for you and your significant other.

One day with Betty & Toni

Picture this:

On a regular Saturday in November, the two of you start the morning off by taking a short walk to the bakery nearby to prepare yourselves a nice morning breakfast. SHE hops into her Betty 1 Chelsea boots, the ones that are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and will make sure your feet stay warm. What’s more, she doesn’t have to break her head over whether these boots match her outfit, because they basically go with everything.

HE, still in a sleepy mood, doesn’t want to put too much thought into what to wear, so chooses to wear his Chelsea boots as well, thank god they also make them for men! The Toni 6 are timeless, elegant and have an extremely comfortable rubber sole so you’ll be able to wear them even on rainy days.

After a nice breakfast the two of you decide go shopping in the afternoon. It is a typical fall day, one moment the sun is out, another it starts raining. SHE decides to wear her Betty 4 ankle boots, perfect to brave the changeable weather, plus they go really well with the rock style outfit she chose for today. HE puts on his Toni 16 boots, which match his navy jeans perfectly and are on top of that very comfortable for a day of running around from store to store.

When the evening falls you are both in the mood to hit the town and go out for a fancy dinner. Both excited to dress up and to feel at your best, the two of you put on your favorite outfit. SHE picks a little black dress to go with see-through tights and chooses to wear her smokey Betty 6 to match this outfit. The smokey color goes perfect with the fall season and details like the pom-poms give the shoe an extra fancy touch. HE decides to wear the Toni 1 derbies in perforated leather, classic but the leather offers a unique and high end touch.

Sounds like Betty & Toni have a great shot in living happily ever after. A true match made in heaven, these two styles.

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