Rock your fall with our new collection!

Cool, tough but still chic? This Rock-Chic look is absolutely the trend to get the subtile rock look. This look became legendary thanks to Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe made it indispensable for every collection, whether for the celebrities and stars or just for our own ‘every day wardrobe’!   At first sight, these elements doesn’t look like a match, but they merge as soon as they meet each other: rough leather, metallic details and classy details. This trend has a lot of contrasts but became a real classic style in our every-day fashion, and that is what Melvin and Hamilton noticed as well. With our Rock-Chic collection, you will find the perfect shoes to finish your rebellious look. Either way with rough leather boots with wrinkled leather and studs, plateau soles or flashy colours, you will find the perfect match!

However, it always is a challenge to get this trend in the right way adapted to your look. In order to get you on the right track, we combined some looks to advise you how to wear this trend.


Our Sally 45, made from high quality leather, rocks this autumn with her fine decorations of silver studs. Matched with a perfect black bikerjack and a nice skirt, you are completely ready to rock!

Molly 5 puts a spell on everything with her extraordinary combination of croco or snake design and an extremely comfortable plateau sole, which provides these shoes with a rocking note!



The men are spoilt by having choices between our Elvis Collection. Decorated with studs, made out of wild animal prints or maybe a very coloured variant? Our Elvis 25 impresses with the numerous amount of details and  high quality tailoring.


You are not a real boots fan but prefer derby shoes? Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss the rock look! We still have the perfect shoes for you to get the rebellious style: Matthew 6. This shoes will impress with their special perforations made out of silver studs.


You will find more rocking styles here! Have fun while shopping at Melvin & Hamilton!