Shoe Care – Because You Love Your Shoes

The perfect care package is essential for your high quality leather shoes: Only with the right shoe care products you can be sure to extend the beauty of your shoes for a long time. You wear them almost every day, they accompany you everywhere – Reason enough to spend some time for shoe care. Read in our blog about the right treatment for your shoes. We strongly recommend you to use our Melvin and Hamilton Premium Shoe Care products, which you can order easily in our online shop. Those shoe creams and shoetrees are exclusively made for the leather of Melvin & Hamilton shoes and adjust perfectly to the condition and needs of our shoes.

Your Little Shoe Care Bible



Shoe Cream From Melvin & Hamilton

You want to conserve the beauty of your new shoes? Discover the Premium Shoe Cream Collection of Melvin & Hamilton, which is available in a large variety  of colors. We offer you a wide range of colors to guarantee the perfect color experience on your shoes. Our transparent shoe cream is perfect for non-colored leather types. If your shoes are colorful, we recommend you to use shoe cream of the shoe’s color. Why? Transparent cream would make your shoes appear matte. Colored cream instead contains a lot of color particles to embrace the color of your shoe.


How to use our shoe cream?

  1. It’s super easy! Before you start using your premium shoe cream, make sure there is no dirt or dust on the leather of your shoes and clean them properly with a soft towel or brush. This way you make sure your shoes are prepared for the coming treatment and there is nothing between the leather and the cream. Your shoes can absorb the cream completely.
  2. Choose the right shoe cream. We offer you a large number of different colors. Even for colorful models we have the right shoe cream. The particles of the shoe cream enhance the color intensity of your shoes to bring back the beauty of their original color.
  3. Use an old towel to apply the product on the surface of your shoes and massage gently. You won’t need a lot of cream. Wait till everything soaked in and the shoes are dry. It means your shoe absorbed all the good, nourishing ingredients of the shoe cream.
  4. Use a shoe brush for polishing and a glossy finishing. With this last step you smooth the leather, make it shine and you remove the last dust from the decorations. Done! Your shoes look like brand new.

Repeat your shoe care program weekly for shoes in a perfect condition! Our video sums up all the steps one more time:


How does our shoe cream work?

Our shoe creams are exclusively made for the leather of Melvin & Hamilton shoes and adjust perfectly to the condition and needs of our shoes. Our large range of colors makes it easy to find the right nuance for you, even for special colors. The Melvin & Hamilton premium shoe cream is known for it’s three characteristics:

  1. Shine: The diamond stands for bright, shiny polished shoes and brilliant colors.
  2. Bee Wax: The caring texture and ingredients of bee wax is one of the main components of our shoe cream.
  3. Nourishing: Our quality components will nourish ad soften the leather of your shoes.


Get your Shoe Cream now – A must-have for all leather shoe lovers!


Our Shoetrees

To make the “Care-Free-Package” complete, we recommend you also to invest in a shoetree while ordering your shoes. Improve life expectancy of your shoes by offering them their own shoe trees . The shoe tree prevents the deformation of the shoe, which keeps an impeccable shape. It protects from the passage of time in preventing also the accentuation of leather folds. The shoe tree airs the leather as well, and its cedar wood gives off a pleasent smell in your cupboards . Order 2, 3, 4 or more shoe trees and get a quantity discount!

We recommend to order the shoetrees a size smaller than your actual shoes.

Buy your shoetrees here!


Shoe care from Melvin & Hamilton – a wise investment in the life extension of your hand-crafted leather shoes. In case you have questions regarding the right treatment of your shoes our client service will be happy to help you!