Charlie 2 Crew Socks Melange Socks

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About Charlie 2 Crew Socks Melange

The socks Charlie 2 unicolored in melange captivates by its simple design with the Melvin & Hamilton logo. With its reinforced heel and toe, it is particularly durable and adapts perfectly to the foot. The flat and wide cuff ensures that the socks do not slip and you can go through the day without worries.

Socks for all situations
Warm, comfy feet no matter the weather? Our organic cotton socks will suit your looks through all seasons, every sock suits a shoe!
  • Description
  • Info & Care
Socks Charlie 2 Crew Socks Melange
  • Gender Unisex
  • Season Fall / Winter
  • Material Cotton
  • Color Grey

In order to enjoy your new socks from Melvin & Hamilton for as long as possible, it is important to follow the care instructions.
Our socks are to be washed at 40°C in the washing machine. Please avoid higher temperatures in order to prevent the cotton from shrinking and to protect the material.
Do not use fabric softeners or bleaching agents.
We recommend that you simply dry your socks on the clothesline. Although our socks are very durable, they last longer if you do not dry them in the tumble dryer.

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