Do you know the difference between Oxford shoes and Derby shoes?

by Melvin & Hamilton

Sometimes a well-combined outfit and a neat appearance is what you need to get through a busy week. If your look is on point, your attitude will become more confident and sovereign all by itself. And the importance of the right choice of shoes is huge.

Summer quick tipp: It’s loafer o’clock!

by Melvin & Hamilton

Do you enjoy the longest and most beautiful days of the year as much as we do? So far this summer shows up from its most beautiful side and we really appreciate every hour of sunshine. Warm clothes are banned to a distant corner of our closet.

Our summer favorites in action – Summer style inspiration

by Melvin & Hamilton

Finally, the summer is here. We were waiting with excitement. It’s that time of the year again, we enjoy delicious ice cream and cooling lemonade, we celebrate barbecue parties or long nights out with friends and we can finally wear light shirts, colorful dresses, and comfy shoes again.

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