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Wearlight rubber sole - walk on the clouds

Once tried, adopted for good! Our wearlight rubber soles will be your best friend in all situations. Discover how our innovative technology enhances your experience with Melvin & Hamilton shoes.

Wearlight rubber sole Melvin & Hamilton

The main characteristic of our wearlight rubber soles is that they are extra light and absorb all the shocks. Thanks to their innovative technology, the wearlight soles ensure us the optimal comfort and give us the impression of walking on the clouds.

So why do we love our wearlight rubber soles so much? In winter, they keep our feet warm by isolating us from the cold and rain, but they also give us extra adhesion. The super light and comfortable soles give classy leather shoes more casual appeal and bring us in a summerly mood.

Wearlight rubber sole Melvin & Hamilton men's shoes

At Melvin & Hamilton we propose our wearlight soles in bright colours ranging from electric blue to fuchsia pink and yellow, and which allow us to create original designs. Anything is possible with these soles! Discover how our ambassadors wear our rubber soles

Ambassadors' choice Melvin & Hamilton

@papillonfully wearing our Amelie 5 and @mochicas in a photography by @nadinekuhnfotografie has chosen our Susan 66

Ambassadors' choice Melvin & Hamilton

@sugsean with our Trevor 5 and @johannes_jger wearing our Scott 2

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