Don’t be shy, we know that you’re looking for our coloured models. But we also see your hesitation.
    Multicoloured leather men's shoes Melvin & Hamilton

    How to wear those shiny red shoes? Will my light blue loafers be accepted at the office? Will I be able to enter everywhere with my multicoloured black blue & tan lace-ups?

    Multicoloured leather men's derby shoes Melvin & Hamilton Marvin 1
    Marvin 1

    Stay cool. You can.
    There are (very) few accessories for men and it would be a pity to wear simple clothes with dull colours AND classic black or brown (hou, risky !) men shoes. All your life. This idea makes us extremely sad.

    Multicoloured leather men's monk strap shoes Lance 29 Melvin & Hamilton
    Lance 29

    We create red shoes. Shining ones. Blue ones. Green. Even fuchsia! They are made of high quality leather, with stitched sole; they are serious. But they know how to put fun in your style.

    Multicoloured leather men's shoes Melvin & Hamilton

    Just wear them as they are, simply, with self-confidence. With a classic business look, for instance. Or summer style – a nice flannel shirt & linen trousers? Don’t do it too much, but wear them – they are waiting for you.

    Will you resist them ?

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