Do you know the difference between Oxford shoes and Derby shoes?

    Sometimes a well-combined outfit and a neat appearance is what you need to get through a busy week. If your look is on point, your attitude will become more confident and sovereign all by itself. And the importance of the right choice of shoes is huge.

    A not well-maintained shoe can destroy the whole look. Today we are looking at two must-haves of every man’s and woman’s wardrobe: Oxford and derby shoes. Do you already know the difference between these two types of leather shoes? No worries, we will explain it to you.

    Oxford shoes for a classy & formal look

    What’s a characteristic of a typical Oxford shoe? You will recognize the shoelace tabs being attached under the vamp while the tab is attached on top of the shoe for Derby shoes. This procedure is more complicated – the result is a shoe of a very high quality. Furthermore, Oxford shoes are shoes with so-called closed lacing, which means that the shoelaces are used to tie the two quarters together. Especially when your instep is high or large, the lacing of an Oxford can be less comfortable and you better go for derbies.

    Many names, one shoe: Originally these shoes appeared in Ireland and Scottland for the first time. At the beginning they were known as Balmorals, named after Balmoral Castle. Now they took over the name of the famous Oxford university. In France these shoes are better known as Richelieu.

    A couple of years ago Oxford shoes were only available as formal uniform shoes for men. Nowadays they are also part of many fashionable women’s wardrobe. Not only classy models are available! At Melvin & Hamilton you’ll also find many colourful models for women and men.

    Kane 21 Navy Embrodery Gold
    Lewis 42 Midnight Blue Mogano
    Lance 28 Brazil Satelite Binding Navy

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    The right shoe for every occasion: Derby shoes

    Similar to the Oxford shoe in appearance but the differences are in the finer details. Derby style shoes always have eyelets to allow the laces to go through and the two parts that hold the eyelets are not sewn down to the vamp of the shoe. These are great everyday shoes, they are easy to get on off if you have to remove you shoes.

    Everything is possible with your new derby shoes! You like it more casual? Go for a suede leather model in brown or grey and combine it with your favorite shirt and jeans. In case you want to look more elegant, choose a shiny brush leather style.

    Tom 8 Dice Navy
    Kane 5 Tan Grigio Soft Patent Oriental
    Lewis 8 Bluette

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    The choice is not easy to make, is it?

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