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Loafer - our style guide

Loafer shoes are definitely our favourites this spring and summer! Universally applicable, airy and practical to slip in - what more could we want in the transition period? Many Loafer models look casual and sporty, but don't worry: Loafers are real all-rounders that can be styled just as elegantly and trendy.

*The products shown in this article were available at the time this article was written and posted, in the meanwhile some might have sold out but you should be able to find corresponding products in our shop. 

We at Melvin & Hamilton are true loafer fans, which is why we have a wide selection for every style! In the following we made up a selection of the most beautiful looks for every occasion!

We've had a look around our stylish community and would like to introduce you to our absolute favourite looks!

The classy look

Back to basic: timeless & classy styles are very easy to create with loafers. The elegant lines really give every outfit, even our looks at the home office, a slightly sophisticated touch. For the purists among you we have selected a few models that convince with understatement. 

The casual-chic look

Loafers suit well with jeans, cardigans etc. After all, they are not only super comfortable, but can also be easily styled from casual to chic. And the benefit: there are no rules for the perfect casual look - loafers prove to be the greatest all-rounder talent! 

The preppy look

The loafer has been part of our wardrobe for a very long time and is therefore the absolute it-piece of the cultivated preppy style! There is no doubt, penny loafers, originally designed for American students, is one of our big favourites (by the way, this look is also very popular with our British fashion lovers, also known as the British Chic). So you can create an awesome look à la Gossip Girl or style yourself like a true modern dandy!

The casual sporty look

Of course, the loafer is and remains an elegant leather shoe, but that is exactly why it is a perfect sailing shoe, in a slightly modified version. Not only are they a little more robust than the closely related classics, but they will always remind you a little of your last holiday, the sound of the sea and salty air. With our models Caroline and Nelson you can easily style a casual sporty look. Moreover, our brand ambassadors have trendy ideas to integrate the classic loafer into a modern sporty look! 

Festive look

Especially for festive occasions in summer, the loafer is irreplaceable! Loafers offer a pleasantly airy feel and comfort, and thanks to their shape, they guarantee a super stylish appearance from morning till late at night. Whether you are looking for an eye-catcher like tassel loafers or a true classic, you will definitely find your pair at Melvin & Hamilton! 

The trendy look

We love the unknown, strong statements and maybe even a break in style! And also in this case loafer is our best friend! Because just as it can fit in anywhere thanks to its simple shape, it also likes to stand out and become the centre of your outfit. With bright colours and elaborate tassels you are sure to make a successful appearance!

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