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    Summer quick tipp: It’s loafer o’clock!

    Do you enjoy the longest and most beautiful days of the year as much as we do? So far this summer shows up from its most beautiful side and we really appreciate every hour of sunshine. Warm clothes are banned to a distant corner of our closet.
    Scarlett 1 Venice Moroccan Blue Trim Nickel
    Clive 2 Black Trim Nickel Fur Lining Black
    Scarlett 1 Black Trim Gold

    The daily wardrobe is dominated by light, loose and colourful clothing and shows our love for this time of the year. During the last weeks, we have noticed something. In our office as well as on the streets: This year’s star of the summer are loafers.

    Star of the summer: Loafer

    And we definitely understand the choice of so many people out there. We collected some good reasons to fall in love with loafers this summer:

    1. There are hundreds of different types of loafers so that it is impossible to not find the model that is right for your outfit. Whether with platform soles, as a slipper for quick in and out or classic, you will find your summer favourite.

    2. You can combine them easy casual AND chic. Create a cool trendy street style or a very chic business look with your loafers.

    3. There are no annoying laces or zips while putting on loafers which means more time to enjoy the summer.

    4. Your feet won’t get too warm in these hot days.

    5. Loafers can be worn by men and by women. Of course depending on the model.

    6. To guarantee a secure and safe standing and walking, each model comes with a little heel. So there is no risk to get in trouble like it can happen while wearing ballerinas.

    Discover the summer trend for HIM: Loafers for men
    Discover the summer trend for HER: Loafers for women

    And why not trying mules? It's the perfect alternative to loafers when it's boiling hot! Very feminine thanks to embroideries, they will soon become your favourite piece of your wardrobe.

    Mules Scarlett 2 - Melvin & Hamilton
    Scarlett 2 Korela Silver Tassel
    Mules Scarlett 2 - Melvin & Hamilton
    Scarlett 2 Rose Fur Lining Taupe
    Mules Scarlett 2 - Melvin & Hamilton
    Scarlett 2 Korela Black Tassel

    Are your favourite summer shoes loafers too? Or maybe you're Team Mules? Which model fits you best? You are very welcome to join the Melvin & Hamilton community.

    Tag @melvinandhamilton on Instagram and use the hashtag #mymnh to share your outfits and looks with us and the community.

    And the most important: Enjoy summer!

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