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The athleisure trend was born in 80-90s in the USA from the combination of the words "athletic" & “leisure”, but it hasn't been until recently that it really took off. It goes without saying that 2020 has marked a change into our lifestyles and made us reconsider some choices. We can tell you that the athleisure trend is here to stay! But what exactly is it?

Comfort & fashion

Athleisure is a way of dressing that combines sportswear with fashion pieces. What you will certainly love about it is that it’s both practical and completely fashionable. Just mix sports pieces into your regular fashion wardrobe and be creative!

Discover our selection of versatile shoes that are both sporty and chic!

Women's colourful leather sneakers Melvin & Hamilton


Athleisure is all about wearing casual but stylish outfits for nearly every occasion. You can easily create a well-balanced look by combining jeans, a leather jacket with some sportswear pieces like sweat pants or leggings, and of course your favourite pair of sneakers!

Men's colourful leather sneakers Melvin & Hamilton


If you like feeling completely comfortable all day long while simultaneously looking stylish, you should definitely pull off this trend! Bomber jackets, casual trousers, jumpers, polo shirts, sporty shoes are all essential items to have in your wardrobe. Make sneakers your go-to footwear!

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What if you have an important business meeting and an event with friends on the same day? If your work setting doesn't require a strict dress code, you can choose a more casual alternative to standard dress shoes - let us introduce you to hybrid shoes! Hybrid shoes will be perfect for the business casual setting when worn with suit and tie, but when paired with chinos and a jacket, they will look incredibly well for more informal occasion, such as nights out or meetings with family and friends. You can combine those smart casual shoes on many different ways!

Men's sneakers Melvin & Hamilton


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Dexter 2R - Sleek silhouette, colourful stitching and long-lasting high-quality leather meets our rain-ready rubber soles, for walks that feel as good as they look. 🌨

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Chelsea Love - Chelsea boots are our all-time favourite for autumn! 🍂
Chose between classical leather soles or heavenly light Wearlight rubber soles, for a modern touch. Your favourite autumn boots are waiting for you! ☁️

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