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Melvin & Hamilton invents, designs, crafts and gives birth to unique creation among the shoe fashion industry for more than 30 years.

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What others still discover has always been part of our DNA - a sustainable production process which respects human and nature.
Our Heidelberg-based directors Karim & Olivier Choukair recognised very early on that outstanding quality can only be guaranteed by handcraft and natural manufacturing methods. We do not leave out any production step, we take the time needed for each one, and control the entire process.

In my childhood, I had the chance to visit many Italian workshops with my father, which has strongly influenced my understanding of quality

- Karim Choukair


Everything begins with the selection of our raw materials; we always source leathers regionally. The further processing takes place exclusively according to strict guidelines (gold-rated). We mainly use the so-called "vegetable tanning", a purely natural tanning process that was already used by indigenous people and takes 24 days of full care. Our impressive colour range of 78 shades is water-based. We both sew and glue our soles, the glue used for this is made of latex and therefore a natural product. After around 250 steps of production, a derby shoe with a leather sole is produced, which is 98% biodegradable.

In this way we offer to our customers not only sustainable products, but also superior quality. Our shoes are particularly outstanding for their breathability and durability.

Respect of the environment sustainable shoes leather goods



Our commitment is not only limited to the production method, but begins with the selection of our employees. In our ateliers we employ only very talented & experienced craftspersons and in return, offer them above-average working conditions. At the same time, they benefit from training during all their career, improving especially in very special techniques, which is characteristic for Melvin & Hamilton.
We also promote and preserve the traditional art of weaving. Our accessories and shoe models made of woven leather are among the bestsellers in our collections. The studios we employ all comply with the recognised gold rated standard.

This is how our innovative manufacturing processes set us apart from the competitors.


During the multiple production stages of creation, the water required for each step is salvaged then purified by ourselves, in order to be used again.

We carefully chose and keep our transport routes to a minimum, avoiding the production of unecessary CO2.

We also constantly optimise our packaging: the one from our final product, but also the one used in transport or the packing of the materials needed during the production process.

Future project ecological shoes leather goods Melvin & Hamilton


But our vision goes even further:

There are some points that are really essential to me. Sustainability is often used as a pure marketing tool and not really followed. But for us, it is reflected in all aspects, from design to production and shipping. We want to go along and inspire our customers towards a fair and conscious consumption, but also improve ourselves continuously.

- Karim Choukair

In the future we will strengthen this idea more, by:
- reducing our CO2 emissions per product even more
- avoiding the use of plastic completely
- and switching our entire collection to vegetable tanning

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