Woven leather shoes craftsmanship Melvin & Hamilton

Woven leather, a delicate art

Leather braiding is a real know-how that only few craftsmen master. At Melvin & Hamilton, woven leather is one of our favourite materials and we have dedicated an entire workshop to this particularly demanding hand-made art.

High quality leather braiding Melvin & Hamilton

Woven, interlaced, sublime leather

Leather braiding requires precision and concentration of talented workers and exceptional craftsmen. 
But beyond the technique, it also highlights the values essential to creation at Melvin & Hamilton: 

In order to braid the leather, it's fundamental to choose high quality raw material, as it will be finely cut, interlaced, twisted. The leather must be supple and well treated, in particular through a tanning process that respects the leather. The strength of a woven leather shoe is exemplary: don't be fooled by its lightness, it is a durable material, and a shoe made of it will follow you for many years!

Leather braiding is a very old know-how, and the preservation of this tradition of manufacture is essential. After a golden age in Europe, particularly in France, it is now in India that became a master in the manufacture and crafting of leather. It's there that we find the most talented and creative craftsmen of our generation. The Melvin & Hamilton workshop on site is fully dedicated to this art and has been training and developing a team of highly qualified people for many years.

Years of experience in the confection of woven leather enable Melvin & Hamilton designers to reinvent this art, both technically and aesthetically. As a result, exciting new styles and original models are developed from collection to collection, full of life. These styles are comfortable to wear and definitely unique!

Summer hits

Flat pumps, sandals, woven leather mules are the women's shoes you're going to love wearing all summer long! They are light, breathable, flexible... Colourful models full of pep that stand out, in town or on holiday!
Adopt braided leather, you won't be able to do without it as soon as the sunny days arrive...

For mid-season and all year round

Once you've had a taste of braided style, you'll want to wear it for more than 2 months of the year... and the good news is that women's shoes with braided, interlaced, woven leather finish are also available in lace-up shoes, ankle boots and loafers!

Woven leather, what about him?

Braided leather, in total look or as a detail, plain or multicoloured, is also a perfect finish for men's shoes! It is a unique and creative style in the men's fashion industry and it would be a shame not to adopt it...

Our braided accessories

Do you like handwoven leather? So do we! Our leather goods also put this leather work in the spotlight with bracelets and keyrings that are practical, very stylish and perfectly coordinated with your braided shoes.

Handwoven leather bags Melvin & Hamilton

Handwoven bags

Brand new in our shop, Kimberly bag is yet another example of the exceptional art of leather braiding. Spacious, robust and elegant, this tote bag will quickly find a special place in your wardrobe.

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