Our shoe care tips for your leather shoes

Leather is like your own skin. If you do not care for it, it can dry out and tear. We recommend that you take care of your shoes at least once a month. Our tips will help you prolong the life of your shoes and, above all, keep them as beautiful as they were the first day.

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1. Prepare

Take your laces out of the shoes, make sure the laces are still in a perfect state. If not, prepare new laces to put in the shoes after you've polished them. Put cedar wood shoe trees inside the shoes and tighten the leather. Make sure that you have enough space to work on and put your products around you.

2. Brush

Before even thinking about creams, wax and others you will need to make sure there is no dirt or dust left on your shoes, otherwise this may leave stains. To obtain the best result, you should use a special cleaning brush (Ross 1 for leather Ross 3 for suede leather) and thoroughly but softly clean your shoes. Don't forget all the linings, the brogues, if you have those, as well as the lining between the leather and the sole.

Use the Ross 3 suede brush for suede leather. The rubber part will be useful for more delicate leather. Rub in all directions to remove the dirt between the hairs. Carefully insist on the folds and edges of the shoe.

3. Deep clean

Once your shoes are dust and dirt free they are ready to get deeply cleaned! Therefore, you use a clean dry cloth and our nourishing cream, you should apply the cream in circular motions. The cream will help to take off the residues of old creams and waxes so that the leather will be in a perfect state to receive new care! 

4. Care

Pick out the correct shoe cream colour for your leather, for multicoloured leather shoes we advise you to use the incolore cream. Take the Ross 4 welt brush to apply shoe cream on the difficult parts of the leather, generously apply the cream on the leather and don't forget about the tongue and especially on the light folds in the leather that are due to walking but don't put cream on the soles. Now use the Ross 2 round cream brush, in circular motions, to apply the shoe cream all over the shoe. Once there is enough cream on the leather, without the leather suffocating, let the shoe rest and absorb the cream.

5. Polish

After the cream has completely dried and it's ready for more care, you can use the cream brush Ross 1, always in circular motions, for a light shiny shoe.
For the ultimate shine you should use our polishing glove, available in the colour you'd want, for a perfect shine to make your shoes as good as new! 

Keep them perfect
To keep your shoes in a perfect state, use a shoe horn when you put them on (this will avoid any scratches, tears and folds). When you put your shoes away, after the day or because you'll be wearing other shoes the next day, make sure to use shoe trees to keep the leather in perfect shape. Also note that leather, as well as leather soles, do not like rain. If you walk with your shoes through the rain it might damage them irreparably.

Discover our short video tutorial:

Shoe care from Melvin & Hamilton – a wise investment in the life extension of your hand-crafted leather shoes. In case you have questions regarding the right treatment of your shoes our customer service will be happy to help you!

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