In 1988, when young men discovered the business-look for themselves and started wearing classic shoes even in their leisure time, Rajab Choukair created MELVIN & HAMILTON“.
These shoes were supposed to become classics. Footwear with a distinctive character, younger and more innovative than former collections. The traditional english shoemakers handcraft of “Blake” stitched shoes were pledged for the highest demands of exceptional quality.

Melvin & Hamilton Choukair

Quality over all

Both of his sons, Karim and Olivier Choukair, retaining their fathers maxim to this day, have

carried this fundamental idea into every new collection.

Our objective is to offer the best shoes at the best price for the client.

Melvin & Hamilton production

With heart & soul

All women's, men's and accessories' collections are created by the brothers in MELVIN & HAMILTON's studio in Germany's romantic Heidelberg.

The leather is tainted by hand to produce those nuances which give all shoes the unique character.

Our shoes should have soul, it is only then that one recognizes them as MELVIN & HAMILTON. Until today most soles are milled by hand which guarantees the distinctive look of the MELVIN & HAMILTON shoes, different from the industrialized products without charm.

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