Blue Dur Capri Cream Premium Cream Blue Dur Capri Cremes & milk

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About Premium Cream Blue Dur Capri

You want to look after your shoes in an efficient way? Discover our new range of Melvin & Hamilton creams. They are available in various colors which makes it easy to maintain the quality of your shoes! Opt for the Blue Dur Capri cream that will give your shoes a brand-new shine! Apply the cream gently with a brush or a cloth and wait a few minutes. It’s really that easy! With Melvin & Hamilton’s Blue Dur Capri cream your shoes will never lose their shine! Size: 50 ml.

How do I take perfect care of my shoes?
To enjoy your Melvin & Hamilton shoes as long as possible, proper care is essential. But how do you correctly use the care products? And which products do you really need? Discover all our tips and tricks for shoe care in this article!
  • Description
Cremes & milk Blue Dur Capri Cream Premium Cream Blue Dur Capri
  • Color Blue
  • Volume 50 ml
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