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The Melvin & Hamilton Signature

At Melvin & Hamilton, we design and manufacture by hand comfortable, fashionable and, above all, durable shoes. We pay particular attention and care to our customers, our team, and the choice of materials. And we are committed to offering you beautiful designer pieces at a fair price.

"This is Melvin & Hamilton's 7 Star Signature:

A mix of ethics, responsible fashion, creativity and fair prices for all."

Buying from Melvin & Hamilton is a guarantee of a product being:

Sustainable - Affordable - Eclectic - Innovative - Fashionable - Original - Colourful 

01 A sustainable product

Durability of Melvin & Hamilton products

Ensuring the quality of our products also means ensuring their durability. The choice of a high-quality material such as leather and the know-how of our team who manufacture shoes & leather goods ensure that our products have a very long life span that is recognised by our customers and partners alike.

For years, we have chosen mainly vegetable tanning which is respectful to leather, the environment and your health, to treat our raw material. Our sewn and glued soles also allow you after a few years to easily repair your shoes at a shoemaker; every day, we make sure to work on a quality product in healthy conditions for our team.

The environment, health and social protection are important to us on a daily basis and have been so since the brand's creation in 1988.



02 A fair price

A fair price for Melvin & Hamilton affordable shoes

Reserving an ethical and responsible fashion and a quality product for a few elected people is not in our principles. That is why we are committed to offering a wide range of shoes and accessories at a fair price.

And a fair price is the one:

  • which makes it possible to buy high-quality leather and raw materials
  • that adequately remunerates our suppliers, our workshops and all the teams in the company
  • which allows us to innovate and invest in new manufacturing techniques, but also in logistics and efficient customer service
  • which allows you to acquire beautiful pieces from creators, unique and of high quality that you will enjoy wearing again and again!

Our choices of suppliers, partners, know-how, are all guided by this desire to have a fair remuneration for the work of each and every one and a product whose value is tangible.

03 An eclectic fashion

Inspirations international design Melvin & Hamilton

At Melvin & Hamilton, our teams have different nationalities, countries of residence, origins... and inspirations! Starting with the creators Karim & Olivier Choukair and their father before them: from the Mediterranean shores to the shores of the Neckar and more distant destinations, carried by our travel stories, our international roots inspire us on a daily basis to create a fashion rich in stories, patterns, colours and emotions.

A fashion we love to see you wear and make it yours!

04 Innovation

Technical product design innovation Melvin & Hamilton

The special feature of Melvin & Hamilton is that it combines innovation and tradition on a daily basis, both in the design of our products and in their manufacture.

For years, our shoes have been known for their rich homemade shades: more than 78 colours specially designed over time, unique in an often highly standardized fashion.

Laser engraving of leather to create original overprints is also one of the strong points of our creation, as are exotic patterns. The research into ultra-lightweight, resistant and comfortable rubber soles animates us collection after collection. But we also work daily to improve the traditional skills, like braided or woven leather.

At Melvin & Hamilton, innovation & handmade go hand in hand!

05 A passion for fashion

Passion trendy fashion Melvin & Hamilton

Fashion is exciting. It reflects our society, our choices, our desires, it protects us as it sublimates us.

At Melvin & Hamilton we design a fun, original, eclectic fashion, a fashion that can be done in your daily life or electrified, according to your desires of the moment. A fashion to wear at the office, in the evening, on weekends, a fashion to take with you on trips, a fashion that anticipates trends and never goes out of style.

Wherever you are, whoever you want to be today, there will always be a Melvin & Hamilton model to suit your desires!

06 Original & Creative

Originality creativity shoes leather goods Melvin & Hamilton

What is originality? It means asking the right questions, sometimes overturning conventions, returning to the fundamentals, but above all adding your touch, your personality, your creativity.

Emotion is what guides us. We believe in the power of a fashion that makes you feel good, a fashion that is comfortable to wear, and that allows you to focus on the essential: yourself.

So we never hesitate to take risks, dare to take risks, to dare colour, mix genres, unexpected patterns, propose male-female styles, so that everyone can find something to suit them and make trends, their own fashion.

07 And colours!

Unique colours Melvin & Hamilton colourful fashion

Only in black, grey or brown the world would be dreary. We need colours, nuances. Choosing Melvin & Hamilton means adding a playful or colourful detail to a classic shoe and then being inspired by the beauty of red leather, a golden embroidery motif or a multi-coloured braided leather...

We are here to be with you on your journey, to discover the colours that create a good mood in your life, the shades that suit you best. Let yourself be seduced, dare, discover your Melvin & Hamilton style - and bring colour into your everyday life!

7 Stars Signature, a history of shared values

For over 30 years, Melvin & Hamilton has been growing with you. Your loyalty is an inexhaustible source of pride and inspiration to create this durable, fair priced, cosmopolitan, innovative, trendy, original and colourful fashion that is ours.

Thank you for wearing our colours high!


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