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Ankle boots, a brand know-how

The Melvin & Hamilton boot is the whole story of the family business summarised in a shoe - or how to make a model seen & reviewed a real surprise, season after season.

A unique know-how to discover, winter and summer alike!

01 Guide to booties

But what is a boot, anyway? It is a shoe whose upper stops above the ankle. It is comfortable, easy to put on, and holds the foot well, whatever model you choose: chelsea boot, jodhpur, lace-up or with a zip.

At Melvin & Hamilton, the boot is necessarily made of high quality vegetable tanned leather, but it is also complemented with velvet, tweed style fabric or handmade embroideries! Each pair has its own style and personality and gives a lot of joy while wearing, for both men & women!

02 Our favourite: Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots Melvin & Hamilton

The Chelsea boot is exactly the way we imagine the perfect ankle boot to be: easy to put on thanks to its leather bootstrap and elastics inherited from its military origins, a bit of London touch (why would it be called Chelsea, then?) and the best wearing comfort.

In addition, the slim shape of the Chelsea boots gives the leg a visual extension - without the need for a high heel.

Our Chelsea boots are among the most emblematic models of our brand and are available in exotic leathers and many different colours! 

All our Chelsea Boots

03 Jodhpur boots & other buckles

Jodhpur boots Melvin & Hamilton

Enjoy new styles thanks to jodhpur boots ! This shoe is also an heritage from horse riders, but coming from India this time; especially from the eponymous region of this country. They are now a major hit among ankle boots, especially in a men wardrobe.

We love how jodhpur boots are made of two overlay pieces of leather, binded together with a buckled leather strap. To insure a maximum of comfort, most of the Melvin & Hamilton jodhpur boots have also a zip, for an easier fit.

And when you love buckles... Melvin & Hamilton jodhpur boots become something else, evolve in shape & finishing, creating brand new trends & styles!

All our Jodhpur boots

04 Lace-up booties: chukka, balmoral, or even more?

Lace-up ankle boots Melvin & Hamilton

In love with lace-ups? Booties will not forget about you!

With or without a zip, lace-ups are a trend among ankle boots. They give a little spark of witchcraft to women booties, laced up to metal eyelets; they are named chukka boots when their shape is closer to a smart shoe, or balmoral when higher... there are hundreds of ways to wear lace-up booties!

All our lace-up boots

05 Mix & match!

Mixing & matching styles is something we definitely love & do the best at Melvin & Hamilton's. A booties, one or our favourite shoes, are no exception to the rule!

Elastic straps from our beloved chelsea boots meet the buckles of the jodphur ones, lace-ups tag along classic shape and bring them fanciness, winter boots evolve to summer hits... exotic patterns, velvet leather, tassels, buttons, embroidery - they are no limits to creativity, and no limit to how you'll love wearing Melvin & Hamilton's ankle boots, night & day! 

Women's ankle boots Selina 29 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's ankle boots Lewis 26 Melvin & Hamilton


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