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Here are 9 essential steps to properly take care of your leather sneakers.

It's no secret anymore that leather sneakers are trending right now. From their original role as sports shoes, sneakers have become an indispensable part of any wardrobe.

You can't think of any shoe closet without at least one pair of sneakers! They are light, comfortable and can be worn to almost every occasion. Like other leather shoes, leather sneakers need to be taken care of. Leather, and especially vegetable-tanned leather, expands and changes over time.

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Scratches, stains, natural wear...To save your favourite sneakers or just to give them a fresh look, we have put together a guide with the nine steps to clean and protect them. Cleaning your shoes should become a habit that will help you keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

It's a ritual you should do at least once a month to keep your shoes in perfect condition.

01 The 9 most important steps to clean your sneakers

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1 - Remove the laces and brush your sneakers to get rid of as much dust as possible, paying particular attention to the sole. Here you should use a brush with soft bristles.

2 - Gently scrub your sneakers using a brush with warm water and hand soap. If you don't have an adequate brush, you can simply use a toothbrush!

3 - Repeat this process as many times as necessary and don't forget the tongue and the different leather inserts.

4 - At the end, rinse everything thoroughly and remove any remaining dirt with a dry cloth.

5 - Once the dust has been removed, we recommend using a cleaning cloth to apply a nourishing cream in circular movements. Like a make-up remover, the cream will remove all traces of old cleaning products. This step will also nourish the leather, thus avoiding cracks.

6 - Step six - shoe cream! We recommend using a transparent and colourless cream. The cream is then applied to sensitive areas and shoe creases with a small brush. However, the sole should be left out. Use a round brush to spread the cream over the rest of the shoe. When the entire sneakers are covered in shoe cream, you should put them aside so that the cream can soak in.

7 - When the shoe cream is completely dry, you can use a polishing brush, always in circular movements. For a shiny finish you can use a polishing glove that will make your shoes look like new.

8 - After wearing them, always place cedar shoe trees in your leather sneakers, to keep the initial shape of your shoes and avoid any folds. The use of shoe trees prevents the marks of time from settling too quickly and allows the leather to be aired. Another advantage of cedar wood is its pleasant scent, which should not be underestimated in any shoe cabinet. If you don't have shoe trees yet, you can also use some newspapers.

9 - The last step, just as important as the previous ones: storage. It's the best to store them flat and away from light.

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02 How to clean your laces?

The detail that makes the difference. You can wash your cotton laces in a net in the washing machine, choosing a program for delicate textiles at 30 degrees. For a quicker option, you can soak your laces in warm soapy water, scrub them, rinse them thoroughly and let them air dry.

03 How to clean the inside of your leather sneakers?

You can remove the insoles from your sneakers and let them air out. Then you can also rub them with soapy water and a cloth and let them air dry. Once dry, don't hesitate to sprinkle talcum powder on the insole to help absorb perspiration.

04 How to clean suede leather?

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For sneakers made of suede or velour, you should use a copper brush for cleaning. For delicate leather areas, use a rubber brush. Scrub in all directions to remove any dirt between the hairs. Finally, you should again carefully clean the folds and edges of the shoes one by one.

05 Mistakes you should avoid while cleaning your sneakers

1 - Never put your leather sneakers in the washing machine! This can damage your shoes as well as the machine itself.

2 - Do not dry your shoes near a heater or other heat source. Just let them air dry and don't try to dry them faster with a hair dryer or radiator.

3 - Even though sneakers may be your absolute favourite, we don't recommend wearing the same pair of shoes every day. It's the best to alternate between different models to slow down the natural wear and tear of the leather.


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