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Do you know the difference between Oxford shoes and Derby shoes?

On certain occasions it's necessary to pay special attention to your attire: an important meeting, a family celebration, a date... We leave it up to style your look. But shoes are our specialty! And depending on the situation, you have to choose the right pair to make your outfit complete.

Mismatched or even worse, damaged shoes can ruin an entire look. Today we are looking at two must-have lace-up shoes of every man’s and woman’s wardrobe: Oxford shoes and derby shoes. But do you know the real difference between these two lace-up shoes? If not yet, here are some explanations!

01 Oxford shoes for a classy & formal look

Men's oxford shoes Toni 44 Melvin & Hamilton

What’s a characteristic of a typical Oxford shoe? You will recognise it by the lacing directly integrated into the two pieces on the top of the shoe thanks to the eyelets that are perforated there. It gives the shoe a more "closed" aspect and the lacing is tighter. Therefore, this type of shoe is particularly suitable for a thin instep. On a slightly strong instep, it may be less comfortable. Placing the eyelets in this way on an Oxford is a little more complex than on a derby, which makes it a very high quality, more sophisticated model of lace-up shoe. Due to its classic look, Oxford shoes are best worn with a suit.

Many names, one shoe: Originally these shoes appeared in Ireland and Scotland for the first time. At the beginning they were known as Balmorals, named after Balmoral Castle. Now they took over the name of the famous Oxford university. In France these shoes are better known as Richelieu.

Oxford shoes are traditionally very classic shoes, sometimes embellished with brogues like on Budapester shoes. Nowadays they are also part of many fashionable women’s wardrobe. At Melvin & Hamilton, if its classic base remains undeniable, for years it has been one of our favourite models that we like to reinvent collection after collection: colours and varieties of leathers are often there to spice up its first-class look.

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02 The right shoe for every occasion: Derby shoes

Women's derby shoes Betty 3 Melvin & Hamilton

Similar to the Oxford shoe in appearance, but the differences are in the finer details like the lacing. Derby shoes have visible eyelets and the two parts that hold the eyelets are sewn onto the shoe. This makes it more practical to put on the shoes and leaves the instep looser. They are therefore suitable for all types of feet. Derbies are the lace-up shoes that we like to wear every day, a comfortable model that we can't do without: black derbies with a suit or a sober outfit, coloured derbies to bring a touch of fun to your outfit, platform derbies to stay in trend...

Indeed, its comfort and its shape allow all kinds of fantasies! You like it more casual? Choose a grey or brown model and add a touch of suede leather - a must-have in the autumn-winter collection, they will go perfectly with your favourite shirt or a more casual look. Or maybe you prefer a smooth, shiny leather for elegance, or an exotic and colourful one to bring a touch of fantasy to a sober look? The derby is definitely the lace-up model you need, and that's good news: at Melvin & Hamilton, dozens of men's and women's models await you, in a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes.

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It's not so easy to choose among our lace-up shoes... unless you adopt them all!


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