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Colours of Melvin & Hamilton - Give green a chance!

Melvin & Hamilton is known for its rich range of water-based colours. We love adding colours to our life and standing out of the crowd. On the occasion of Saint Patrick’s Day we are presenting you some of our green shoes full of charm and showing you how to wear them!

Every year on March 17th people around the world celebrate Irish culture and heritage in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. From Paris, passing by Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Cairo and back to London, we can see the famous landmarks light up in green. We would also like to invite you on a journey through our green styles!

01 Green shoes for women

Megan 3R Women's ankle boots Melvin & Hamilton

We are charmed by our Megan 3R - these women's green shoes are our go-to style! Green ankle boots with platform soles are currently very trendy, no wonder they have been one of our bestselling models last season!

Whether you are looking for green boots or green mules, in our collections you will find a variety of types and different tones.

What about these cute olive green sneakers? A camouflage colour that is nevertheless eye-catching!

Women's sneakers Tessa 2 Melvin & Hamilton

02 Green shoes for men

Green shoes will be a great choice for those who want to stand out with original colours. From olive green to solid green, these green shoes for men are on trend.

Men's ankle boots Matthew 38 Melvin & Hamilton

03 How to wear green shoes?

All eyes on my shoes 

There’s no doubt - green shoes love to stand out! If you want to be on the safe side with your outfit, let the shoes be the only coloured element and go for a classy black and white look. The only rule: green shoes will never make you look ordinary.

Women's sneakers Pearl 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Green and... green?

Why not? Green loves green (ok, and its complementary colour red, of course). If you add some more green details to your outfit, the whole look will appear more put-together and will take you immediately into the jungle.

Red likes green

Yes, we know you are thinking about Christmas trees - but there are way more options of pairing these colours, thanks to the huge range from light to dark green as well from light pink to a bold orange. These looks are a little trickier to style, but the look is worth a million times over!

Safari Mood

Green might be the most common colour in nature, so why not style it like this? A soft green tone harmonises perfectly with warm brown shades. To make the look a bit more outstanding, we love to add some animal prints for a trendy appearance.




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