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The importance of shoe trees: Must-have if you love your shoes

You own a pair of shoes which is really important to you? Then you should definitely get a pair of our shoe trees, in case you haven’t bought them already. Today we show you how useful the right shoe care products can be and how to extend the lifetime of your shoes to a maximum!

Only the best for your favourite shoes: Cedar tree shoe tree.

01 Why use shoe trees?

Say “Goodbye” to ugly wrinkles in the leather of your shoes. Shoe trees are an important part of your regular shoe care. As a true shoe lover you better pay attention to it – investing in the right products will pay off in the long-term!

But how can it be that a little piece of wood has such an influence on the condition of your shoe? This is how a shoe tree works: On one hand a shoe tree stretches out the little wrinkles which appear throughout the time you wear the shoe. During the break of wearing them shoe trees can even out the damage which was caused during wearing leather shoes and eventually by weather influences.

Advice: Always buy your shoe trees a size smaller than your regular shoe size. This way you make sure the wood will fit in your shoe and the tension won’t be too strong.

Shoe trees also allow your shoe to get rid of unwanted moist inside the leather. Our Melvin & Hamilton shoe trees are made of cedar wood. Cedar wood absorbs all liquids and evaporates them once outside of the shoe again. Perfect for a shoe you want to keep for years!

Invest NOW in an original Melvin & Hamilton show tree - buy one pair or… even more! In our online store you get a volume discount starting at a purchase of two pairs! Shop now and save!

02 More shoe care knowledge

To complete your shoe care series, we recommend to finish with our shoe creams, which are made for the special needs of Melvin & Hamilton shoes. Discover our wide range of colours!

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Shoe care products Melvin & Hamilton

In case you have further questions our client service is happy to help you and give you advice. We wish you great times with your Melvin & Hamilton shoes and our shoe care products!


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