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M&H presents... Monsieur Orange

Come join us, put on your headphones and meet the first talent (and his orange shoes) in our new series!

Unmistakably, the young artist brings not just beautiful, melodic sounds to the city of Paris - but also a unique & fun fashion style, perfectly resembling Melvin & Hamilton! A year ago Tesfay Do Nascimento, aka "Monsieur Orange", decided to take a break from his studies to follow and live off his passion: music. Now, 6000 Instagram followers & dozens of gigs later, he made a name for himself in the city of Paris and beyond!

1. When did your passion for music start and what made you want to become a musician?

I think I have always been passionate about music. There isn't really one thing in particular that made me want to become a musician, it's almost like I had no choice, whatever I did, the music always ended up catching up to me.

Orange derbies for men by Melvin & Hamilton
Orange derbies for men by Melvin & Hamilton

2. How did you come up with the idea of creating “Monsieur Orange”? 

The idea of ​​creating Monsieur Orange came naturally: The orange colour has always been the distinguishing feature of my look. When I wanted to create a musical character, I was convinced that the quality of my appearance and stage persona was as important as the music I made, that's why I decided that the aesthetic aspect of my character would be the key feature.

Orange loafers for men by Melvin & Hamilton
Orange loafers for men by Melvin & Hamilton

3. Your style is really unique and extravagant - Where are you taking your fashion inspiration from? - And why, according to you, Melvin & Hamilton shoes are the perfect match for your wardrobe? 

Apart from music, I'm very interested in fashion, and I really like to discover young designers, who offer innovative, different, and elegant creations and designs. I like to wear daring clothes so as not to go unnoticed and to make Monsieur Orange stand out of the crowd with a particular touch of colour. For me, Melvin & Hamilton is one of these brands that dare to be different, and which stand out from the others while remaining elegant and classy.

Melvin & Hamilton presents Monsieur Orange


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