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Autumn-Winter 2021 collection

As every year a seasonal change brings the latest trends, it gives us a reason to change our wardrobe and pick new shoes that suit better with the weather. This Autumn-winter 2021 we see how the pandemic has changed our style and our chic office looks, we are all in need of some colour to brighten our look and our mood. This season we want to show all the latest fashion trends, colours and styles, but of course, you can also find our all-time classics in our new collection. Discover the latest trends and our new collection!

01 Platform shoes: a high standing trend

Women's ankle boots Leonie 5 Men's ankle boots Trevor 5 Melvin & Hamilton

Let’s have a better look into all the different trends and let’s start off with platform shoes! For a few seasons now, chunky soles have been making their way back onto the catwalks and have completely integrated our streetwear style! Think of the trend for ugly sneakers or dad shoes, shoes that are recognisable by their massive platform soles, they’re oversized, extra cushioned and… anything but your basic shoe! Recently chunky soles have taken over other shoe styles!

Do you remember the last time platform shoes were trending? It was in the 1990s when the Spice Girls were running around stages with their high platform shoes! It goes without saying that a lot of trends come back and currently we are experiencing a lot of inspiration from the 90s.

Platform shoes are a great way to add a couple of centimetres to your height without it showing too much but they can also be used as a real fashion statement. They can be worn with your casual look, with jeans, a simple t-shirt and a bomber jacket. You can even style them with dresses and skirts during warmer days and with other current trending pieces such as the flared jeans. Have you already seen the stylish looks with a matching set of clothes and coloured chunky platforms to create a full casual yet trendy look? One thing is sure, the platforms are here to stay and come in a variety of styles. Of course, our chunky soles are mostly found on our sneakers, but we've also spiced up some classic styles at Melvin & Hamilton: find this chunky, notched sole on boots, ankle boots, derbies and even loafers!

02 Classics for your everyday chic look!

Women's loafers Scarlett 2 Melvin & Hamilton

Fashion trends come and go, and that's exactly why you should have a pair of ultimate classic shoes in your wardrobe! In every new collection you can of course find classic shoes, whether you are looking for simple black ankle boots, brown derbies or any sober loafer or oxford, you will always be able to find the perfect shoe in our current collection. Did you know that if your classic model makes a come back we often change something about it? The shoe can make a comeback with a wider colour range, a different sole type or a new kind of leather: we are continuously trying to improve our classics. But you can be reassured, the only thing we never change is the fit. Once you buy a Melvin & Hamilton shoe and it fits perfectly, you can buy that model again and again with the same family name: the shoes will fit the same! In this year’s Autumn/Winter collection we will once again add new shoes to the collection, brand new designs to add to your wardrobe and to style with your favourite classic looks. By the way, do you sometimes style your all-time classics with a more casual look? These looks are highly trending at the moment and when you style ultra chic loafers with ripped jeans, you can become a real style chameleon!

03 Classics with a twist

Men's derby shoes Jeff 14 Melvin & Hamilton

Who doesn’t love a classic shoe with a twist? Shoes that you can style with your suit during the week but also with your jeans for the weekend! Sober shoes with a touch of colour or an extra detail will show your personality and give you confidence in yourself and your style. We all should own a pair of classic shoes with a twist because they allow us to spice up our look even though they have a very classic base. It’s up to you to pick the shoe that suits you the best, whether you opt for a dark coloured Oxford shoes with coloured laces, two-toned derbies, loafers with a touch of animal print or simple monks with a thick sole! Shoes with a little something extra are being worn more and more for formal occasions or for a casual Friday look. They are a great way to show off your fashion sense. All it often takes is a little detail - like in our shoes!

04 The colours of this season

Women's ankle boots Selina 48 Melvin & Hamilton

Let’s stop wearing black and grey all autumn and winter and spice up our looks during the cold months with some greens, blues and nudes! These trendy colours will be seen a lot, especially green shoes for her and blue shoes for him. They will help you to keep your feet happy and colourful during the next couple of months! Of course, it will be up to you if you choose a rich and flashy or a darker tone for your looks this season. Nude tones are also trending this season and will be easy to mix with other colour trends to create that full on-trend look. These colours can create either a classic dark coloured look or give your winter look a well-needed splash of colour. So don’t hesitate to choose your favourite tone to create a fully comforting autumn-winter look that will follow you throughout the full season without ever disappointing you.

05 Workleisure for a return to the office

Men's Sneakers Harvey 9 Melvin & Hamilton
Women's sneakers Amber 2 Melvin & Hamilton

Workleisure, the art of dressing comfortably in a professional setting! A practically new trend that has been a perfect newcomer since the pandemic. This trend is allowing us to be comfy at the office: looking both professional and comfortable, as if you were wearing sportswear. Indoor wear has become a must in the home office and we are still looking for the comfort we had in our zoom meetings! Our outfits are becoming more and more casual, the strict suit and tie has almost disappeared and while we are organising ourselves between working from home and coming back to the office, we only need a new pair of shoes to rock this new style! The workleisure trend is especially present in comfortable sneakers, whether they are plain to match a business outfit or colourful to add more fun. In our new collection, you will be sure to find the perfect pair to fit your style and still be trendy during the upcoming autumn and winter! So what are you waiting for? Choose your new pair of leather sneakers of the season while following the latest fashion!

06 Boots season has arrived

Men's ankle boots Dexter 2R Melvin & Hamilton

A new season means… new boots! Whenever the season changes, the days get shorter and also colder, we can’t wait to wear ankle boots! You can style them in every way that you want, you can go for a plain chic look or add a bold detail to your outfit, it is up to you! In our new collection, you will be able to find all the latest fashion trends and styles to upgrade your autumn/winter wardrobe. You can opt for Chelsea boots with elastics, Jodhpur boots with a zipper or stylish lace-up booties, why not change this season and pick a model you have never worn before? Ankle boots can also be the perfect new shoes for men: pair them with jeans to rock your look, or with a smart office outfit. Is your wardrobe ready for you to be stylish all season long?

So, what will be your favourite shoe this season? Pick yours now in our new collection section and as always, do not hesitate to share your look with us via social media: simply tag us with @melvinandhamilton!



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