The details of our shoes

The details of our shoes

Let's have a closer look at our details

Today we want to give you a closer look at our details, a lot of our shoes have them. Whether we are talking about coloured leather soles, brogues, brodery, lasercut or any other detail, we know these are all loved by our clients so why not give a closer look?

Colourful leather soles

Classic brown, spicy red, light beige, funky blue, flashy orange or even multicoloured! A lot of our full leather soles have some amazing colours, these shoes will give a little spark to your outfit and some colour to dark suits or dresses!


Soft and chique or big for a rock style, our buckles are one of the known details of our shoes. You find them on our monks, on some of our boots.


Flowers, logo's, butterflies, all these pretty details on leather shoes gives them a either sweet or unconventional look.

Braided leather

One of our well known techniques, braided leather is making a big come back. Wheter you wear sandals, mules or derbies, you will see that braided leather give such a nice twist to your look especially if you choose a multiple coloured version!


Only a few of our models have this excentric detailing, often they represent egyptian drawings but our Clark 14 has an amazing rose lasercut detail

Patterns in leather

Turtle, crocodile, snake... Did you know that Melvin & Hamilton imitates their patterns? In our workshops we have the best craftsmen who imitate these patterns to the best. They also exist on vegetable tanned leather, on coloured leather so it will give your classic shoe a nice exotic touch!


Metallic floral relief design, currently only 3 models have this amazing design, which gives a nice metallic 3D detail to your shoe. This detail is actually 2 in 1

So did you decide what is your favourite detail?