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Recognise our sustainable products in the blink of an eye! 🌱

While shopping, you want to make sure you only shop our sustainable products? And you want to know what makes our products sustainable?

You will see that we are very strict when it comes to our selection and that not all brands or shops have the same guidelines in terms of the conditions for a product to be sustainable 🌱...

As we want to be as open as we can be about our sustainable items we are happy to explain the conditions shoes need to respect to enter this category!

The first point will be well known: the leather needs to be vegetable tanned! No chrome tanned leather can be classed as sustainable due to the chemicals used to obtain the colouring and therefore all our shoes in this selection are vegetable tanned and

... did you know Melvin & Hamilton also cleans the water that is used during the tanning process so it can be used again? In the following picture you see the installation on our manufacturing site.

Water recycling Melvin & Hamilton

Second point: the soles! As you would expect big rubber soles, even though our rubber soles are made of recycled rubber, will not pass the test to be classified as a sustainable product and therefore all sustainable models will need to have a full leather sole or a leather and light rubber anti slip soles as the rubber slip soles can be taken off so the shoes become sustainable.

What are other included items?

Some of our models have rubber anti slip parts under the sole, elastic bands, studs or other metallic accessories. As these parts can easily be taken off the shoe once the shoes are no longer wearable, these models will be classified as sustainable as the the soles are made of leather and they are also vegetable tanned.

When all points match, you will be able to recognise the sustainable model by this little logo:

Melvin & Hamilton sustainable logo

So, whenever you see this logo on our website you will be sure that you are about to make a sustainable, eco-friendly choice!


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