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Addicted to sneakers - ugly shoes trend reinvented by Melvin & Hamilton

"Ugly shoes" trend known also as "dad shoes" or "chunky sneakers" has recently taken over the fashion industry. In order to meet expectations of our fans, Melvin & Hamilton designed a whole line of unique sneakers. If you're still not sure if this trend is for you, then check how others are rocking their Flo and Kobe by Melvin & Hamilton!

Sneakers in our way means innovative sole, which is extremely comfortable and amortising, different types of high-quality leather, and of course the use of vegetable tanning. 

When you look at our sneakers, you can immediately recognise the know-how and character of the brand: the blend of different leathers types, smooth, suede and even hair on, metallic shades coming together with flashy colours. A unique and innovative design without compromising on style - that's the way we do it at Melvin & Hamilton!

Sneakers are perfect for travelling when you need this extra assurance and comfort. 

Women's sneakers Flo Melvin & Hamilton
Women's sneakers Flo Melvin & Hamilton

They are also indispensable in the city, they help breaking a classic look thanks to their flashy colours and will also add a touch of elegance to a casual style through their high quality leather, weather-resistant soles and high quality finishes. 

Women's sneakers Flo Melvin & Hamilton

Gentlemen can also combine our leather sneakers in many different ways. 

Trench coat, chino pants and a pair of flashy sneakers - that's your recipe for a good-looking outfit. 

Men's sneakers Kobe Melvin & Hamilton

We're definitely loving the "bad boy" look with leather jacket and dark denim. 

Men's sneakers Kobe Melvin & Hamilton
Men's sneakers Kobe Melvin & Hamilton

We hope that we have inspired you with different looks of our influencers. Don't forget to get your pair of leather sneakers in our e-shop.


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