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Women's Stories - Elisabeth

At Melvin & Hamilton, we have a lot of female role models. And that's why we love to give some of them a possibility to introduce themselves, tell their stories and share some tips. In this article, we talk to Elisabeth alias misses.popisses, who shares classy and elegant outfits, but also interior inspiration.

1. At the occasion of International Women's Day, we started our series "Women's Stories". How did you spend this day and what does it mean to you?

Together with my boyfriend Lukas, I had a nice picnic at the park. The weather was great, it was such a relaxed day. International Women's Day was an important milestone in history. I think it's so important, that women and men are equal and have the same rights. The old role model of the woman only as wife and mother is completely outdated. Self-fulfillment is essential for both genders, because women have at least as much potential as men. Unfortunately, there are still so many employers, who haven't realised this yet.

2. You have been very successful as a content creator for several years. How did you get into blogging and when did you became an influencer?

In October 2016, I started uploading outfit inspirations on Instagram (by the way, on one of my first photos was a pair of Melvin & Hamilton shoes). A few years ago, I already thought of an own blog, but for a long time, I didn't have the courage. When people on the street began to ask about by outfits, I had a reason to start my blog "Misses Popisses". From the very beginning it was a great pleasure for me to inspire people with my outfit ideas. But I consider myself way more as a source of inspiration than as an influencer.

3. Your style is a pleasant mix of classy and romantic-playful. Can you tell us why Melvin & Hamilton shoes are a fix part of your wardrobe?

Melvin & Hamilton are my absolute favourite shoes, because they have such a great quality, they are comfortable and durable and their design is creative (which is super important for me). The selection is quite varied, so there is always a model for every occasion.

misses.popisses - Melvin & Hamilton

4. You love the classy retro chic looks from the past eras and style icons, but why are you happy to live in the 21st century?

I think its interesting that we have the opportunity to choose from so many styles from the past, but we can also interpret them in so many new ways. I love the fact that we can learn so much from style icons like Twiggy and Grace Kelly.

5. A lot of women and girls would like to create fashionable and design-based content professionally, what’s your advice, since you’re an expert?

Originally, I wanted to study interiordesign, but I decided for a job which was more down-to-earth. But over the years, I missed doing something creative. Thats why I think everybody should listen to their heart and do what he or she loves. But a good education is essential, cause the more qualifications you have in today's world, the better.

misses.popisses - Melvin & Hamilton


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