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Women's stories - meet Barbara!

On the occasion of International Women's Day we start our series "Women's stories" in which we would like to introduce you to modern women with attitude and power. We start with Barbara alias Mochicas, who loves to share inspiring outfits and little stories from her everyday life on Instagram.

Since she was a completely unknown account back in 2017, Barbara has established herself as a successful influencer and Melvin & Hamilton brand ambassador. In the exclusive interview, she talks about her professional career, her support and the concept of modern femininity.

1. What does Women's day mean for you, personally? 

Two years ago, I started to learn about gender studies, since then Women's day has become even more important for me. I think the 8th of March should be a reminder for everyone that society still has a lot to do to improving women's rights and establishing gender equality.

2.You're a successful influencer and a real self-made woman. Could you talk us through your professional journey? 

I started by being passionate and curious about photography, this was my creative outlet besides my "normal" job. At the beginning it was not at all about me or my outfits, I took pictures of flowers, Peruvian handwork, food etc. Since I am a naturally driven person, I wanted see if I could become successful on Instagram and so I started to find out everything about it and I finally shared pictures of me. The positive feedback I got motivated me...and still does today.

3. Besides being a business woman, you're also happily married. Your husband shares your love for social media. Could you give some insights in your ordinary life and how you are supporting each other? 

Without my husband I wouldn't be where I am today, this is for sure. Thanks to his love, support and patience, I was able to invest myself fully in social media and push my passion forward. I am pointing this out, because having such a big support is a thing I don't take for granted. My husband is happy to help me with everything which concerns the online business. We are shooting campaigns together, preparing stories, treating daily inquiries and doing the whole management which is really time-consuming. Each weekend we are dedicating one full day of content production for the two of us (content worthy a whole week normally)... Most of the time this means that he takes 100 pictures of me and I take one single picture of him ;-) 

mochicas - Melvin & Hamilton

4. Your style is feminine yet modern. Why, according to you, Melvin & Hamilton shoes are the perfect match for your wardrobe? 

Melvin & Hamilton has such a unique look, you know exactly when you're spotting one. You can choose between more classic or really trendy styles, but my personal favourite are the boots and booties, which are like me - modern and feminine. I love my little collection and I am wearing them nearly daily because the high quality won me over! And on top of that, you can wear them with everything, dresses, leggings, jeans.

5. What's your advice for young girls and, since you're an expert, especially for those who aim to become influencer? 

I want to encourage everybody who wants to work in this business to just to it! You don't need to be a model or a have a crazy talent in order to become successful and this applies for you in your twenties as well as in your fifties. Surely, you'll need some kind of creativity and visual aesthetics, but what really counts is your drive and your commitment. 

mochicas - Melvin & Hamilton


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