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How to store your shoes: our tips for an efficient organisation

Whether you're a fashionista with a Carrie Bradshaw touch, collecting a lot of shoes or you are a minimalist in search of sobriety, here's an essential step, if not the most important one, in the process of taking care of your shoes: tidying up. Lack of space, lack of time, there are often many reasons why we nonchalantly leave our pair of shoes on the floor of the hallway (some would say "throw them away"). In disorder, however, shoes can quickly invade your space. For aesthetic reasons, but also for maintenance reasons, the organisation of your leather shoes is therefore essential. To protect them from dust and light, it is important to make sure that your shoes are well organised. From brand new shoes to those that have been with you for years, all your shoes deserve a place of honour in your home.

As a general rule, wherever you store your shoes, it is important to sort them by type (ankle boots, sneakers, loafers etc.) and by the frequency of use (everyday shoes, evening shoes, sports shoes, etc.). This will allow you to quickly select the pair of shoes you need and maximise the use of your storage space. It is also important to take care of your shoes to keep them in good condition and to keep them for as long as possible. This includes cleaning them regularly, polishing them and storing them in a dry, cool place, using shoe trees after removing your shoes.

How to store your shoes in the hallway or in a wardrobe? How to organise your collection when you have little space? It's important to choose a method that suits your needs and the space available in your home. From small wardrobes to large walk-in closets, here are our tips for storing and organising your shoes efficiently so that you can maximize your storage space and find your favorite shoes in a flash.

01 How to store shoes in your dressing room?

How to store your shoes - Melvin & Hamilton

Which one of us doesn't dream about a dressing room straight from Sex and the City with a place exclusively for shoes? The most classic option is shoe racks on which you can organise your shoes by placing the pairs you wear the most within reach. To protect your shoes from light and dust, you can also store them in shoe bags, or simply in their original box after wearing them. For more convenience, opt for clear shoe boxes, which are perfect for keeping track of the contents of each shoe at a glance. If you're the proud owner of high boots, arm yourself with clip-on hangers, perfect for keeping your boots straight.

02 How to store your shoes in the hallway?

How to store your shoes - Melvin & Hamilton

First of all, it is best to sort out and store shoes that you do not wear frequently in another room. In the hallway, priority should be given to everyday shoes! A shoe cabinet or shoe rack is the most classic and practical option for keeping shoes in order. Rolling shoe racks are also a great way to store your shoes while keeping them within easy reach. They can be easily moved under furniture or in a closet to free up space when you need it. Finally, opt for a hanging storage column or wicker baskets: ideal alternatives for a tidy and welcoming entrance.

03 How to store shoes in a wardrobe?

In a wardrobe, there are many possibilities: shelves, drawers and doors! On doors, opt for a wall-mounted shoe rack or hanging shoe organizers, both of which are great ways to organise your shoes while keeping them safe, and maximise storage space by using vertical space rather than horizontal. In your drawers, if they are high and deep enough, you can use dividers or drawer organisers that can be easily installed to store shoes flat and neatly. On the shelves, you can also use shoe boxes, making sure to dry and clean your shoes before storing them.


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