Second Walk : give a new life to your shoes in a few clicks !

Second Walk : give a new life to your shoes in a few clicks !

At Melvin & Hamilton, we are driven by the desire to create timeless and responsible collections. For over thirty years, we have been using our craftsmanship to create ethical fashion. While we rethink trends every season, we place respect for the environment and the sustainability of our products at the heart of our values.

That's why we wanted to give a second life to your pairs of leather shoes. The ones that have been carried around in your suitcases, that have been on the road, that have been on the pavement and that have perhaps experienced some crazy parties. Buying or reselling shoes that have already lived? It is becoming increasingly common to buy or sell shoes that have already been worn, in order to wear them with style and at a reasonable price.

We have therefore worked with Nopli to find a responsible alternative to keep up with fashion. We are pleased to be able to offer you the Second Walk service, a second-hand platform for buying and reselling your Melvin & Hamilton shoes, an initiative designed to extend the life and adventures of your favourite shoes.

Second Walk, second hand platform for Melvin & Hamilton shoes

Recycling shoes is a challenge, one that is more difficult than recycling clothes. Taking care of our precious shoes is therefore essential! Leather requires care and maintenance to ensure a beautiful look that develops a patina over time. Leather shoes, cared for and maintained with attention to detail, can last for years, be passed on and remain precious companions. Instead of letting them slumber in a dusty closet, give your shoes a new life with our second hand platform.

How does the Second Walk service work? On the buying side, discover the pairs of second hand shoes offered by the community directly on the website. On the selling side, you are in control of the transaction: you can set the price or let our partner Nopli do it for you, and the shipping costs are taken care of by the buyer. If you choose to receive the money, you will receive 85% of the sale, Nopli's commission being 15%. If you choose to receive a voucher instead, you will receive a voucher for 120% of the amount, valid for one year on the entire site.

What are the different states of the products sold? Is the price of the products negotiable? Can I cancel my order? Find all the answers to your questions in the FAQ section of the site!