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Spring 2022: here are 3 essential steps to properly care for your suede shoes

The arrival of spring signals the return of suede to men's and women's wardrobes. Suede, also called nubuck, is summery, elegant and adds a cool and casual touch to any look. Whether more rural for a walk in nature or urban for a coffee on the terrace - suede shoes can be worn anywhere.

Softer and thinner than full-grain leather, suede is also used in leather goods and for some garments. With their soft matte surface, suede shoes are ideal for mid-season and will be your style allies as soon as spring temperatures or long summer days arrive. Casual with jeans, or more chic for a wedding, they are perfectly declined on all models, for men and women: suede booties, boots, loafers, derbies...

The suede used in the shoe industry refers to the leather treatment process that gives the leather its velvety effect. Suede is thus the generic term for all types of leather whose surface has been sanded. Unlike most classic or full-grain leathers, suede is not made from the outside of the leather, but from the inside.

Although suede is just as durable as smooth leather, it still requires a little more attention and maintenance: it stains quickly, scratches easily and its colour can fade due to water or humidity. To wear your suede shoes as long as possible, and who knows, maybe pass them on, here are all our tips for taking care of these delicate shoes.


Shoe cleaning box Gregory Melvin & Hamilton

The first step is to clean your shoes to get rid of dust and other dirt that has accumulated on your shoes. Using a special brass brush, such as our Ross 3 brush, stroke the surface of the shoes in even movements, always in the same direction: from the inside to the outside. Pay particular attention to the junction between the sole and the suede part, as this is where moisture usually collects. For the most delicate suede leathers, use the rubber part of the brush. Brushing keeps the material supple. However, make sure that you brush your suede shoes only gently: too much brushing could wear away the surface of your shoes and damage them.

02 How to remove stain from suede shoes?

Men's suede loafers Earl 3 Melvin & Hamilton

Oil stains, grass stains, mud stains... You're giving your suede shoes a hard time. The good news is that it is always possible to remove, or at least reduce, a stain on this material. Using a small, dampened brush and a bit of soap, scrub the stain in circular motions until it is gone. Dab the cleaned area with a clean cloth to remove excess moisture. Let your shoes air dry away from heat sources.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if your suede shoes get wet or splashed with rain, it's not a big deal: just let them air dry and then brush them off. However, suede can be damaged if exposed to too much water or moisture, so avoid wearing your suede shoes on rainy days.

03 How to keep your suede shoes as long as possible?

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Change between different pairs of shoes

To keep your suede shoes for as long as possible: don't wear them two days in a row. Ideally, alternate between several pairs of shoes to prevent them from wearing out too quickly. Between uses, store your shoes flat and away from light.

Invest in shoe trees

Don't just put your shoes back on the shelf after wearing them: use shoe trees to make sure they keep their original shape and avoid creases. Cedar wood shoe trees are especially recommended, as the wood has natural deodorizing properties that keep your shoes smelling fresh. Also, if you have trouble putting on your suede shoes, use a shoehorn!


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