Wedding season is starting: here are the most comfortable shoes to wear on the big day

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Sunny days, love and flower petals. A lot of weddings take place during the spring and summer seasons as the weather is more likely to be warm and perfect for styleful looks to wear on your, or your friends/family members wedding!

01 Elegant and original, here are some women's shoes to wear for a wedding

Ladies, shoes are so important to complete your wedding outfit! You need a pair that is comfortable to stand in and party for a long time. However, it should also be feminine and elegant to complete your outfit perfectly. Here's a short overview of the different styles to choose from.

What are the most comfortable women's shoes to wear to a wedding?

Women's sandals Alexa 27 Melvin & Hamilton

If you don't feel comfortable in your shoes, you won't be able to enjoy the wedding to the fullest. Therefore, go for a comfortable and elegant pair of shoes such as woven leather sandals. The suppleness of woven leather ensures comfort and ease for the whole day! A golden or silver colour will emphasize the festive side of your outfit. You can also opt for feminine sandals with narrow straps which will go perfectly with a long or short dress.

For a more formal outfit, pair a pantsuit or long dress with lace-up shoes. Oxford shoes are the best choice for this, as their elegant look makes them ideal for a special occasion. If you choose a pair with a flexible and soft sole, you will be able to dance all night long!

What women's shoes to choose for a boho wedding?

Women's sandals Brooke 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Are you invited to a countryside or boho style wedding? Then you should choose a comfortable and easy to put on pair of shoes like ballerinas or mules. You will be able to remove your shoes whenever you want to feel the grass or sand underneath your feet. For colours, choose soft, summery shades: pastel pink, lilac, beige... or even white!

What women's shoes to choose for a winter wedding?

In winter, your attire will inevitably be less light than for a summer wedding. Therefore, most will opt for elegant trousers or a dress with tights. Same thing for the shoes, they will be closed, but at the same time fine, feminine and elegant. Avoid thick rubber soles and go for leather soles. You can't go wrong with leather loafers, lace-up shoes, such as derbies or oxfords. Even if the colours are usually less varied in winter, you can still brighten up a dark outfit with a pair of colorful shoes.

02 Our tips for men's shoes to wear for a wedding

So gentleman, are you looking for the ideal shoe to wear with your suit? Are you looking for a full classic look? Whether you are going for a smoking or a casual wedding look, you will be able to find the perfect shoe in our collection!

What men's shoes to choose for a chic wedding and ceremony?

Men's derby shoes Clint 34 Melvin & Hamilton

First of all let's have a look to the options you will have while choosing a black tie look. In this case we will recommend plain coloured and patent dress shoes such as derbies, oxfords or maybe even monks. Make sure to choose a colour that will suit your outfit perfectly so that you don't go too colourful for a full classic look.

As you can see, the shoes above are all very classic and can be worn for the most formal occasions. You can also wear them with jeans or trousers and a simple shirt for a very casual chic appearance.

What comfortable shoes to wear for a casual wedding?

Men's loafers Clive 1 Melvin & Hamilton

You have decided to opt for a more casual chic look, this means styling coloured shoes, or shoes with a little print but still have a look that suits with the occasion? We recommend wearing shoes that have a slightly more casual accent as you don't want to go for a flashy coloured look but sure, the shoe type can change. What about wearing coloured loafers with a rolled up chino and a shirt? This look is more a guest look for an event in the middle of the summer when there is no dress code. You can also wear tassel loafers to give a little less formal edge to your look and you can style these with the pants of your suit, a shirt and a blazer.
And if you're attending a bohemian wedding or a beach wedding, choose comfortable suede leather loafers, which will go perfectly with light linen pants.

How to look chic in sneakers at a wedding?

Recently we have seen that sneakers are worn often at wedding celebrations, sometimes even the groom wears white sneakers with his suit to give him a very casual yet stylish look. However whenever you opt for sneakers make sure that they just give a little edge to your look and still show you are going to a formal occasion!

In any case and whatever you are planning to wear: when you are invited to a wedding, make sure that you follow the dress code if there is one.

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