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What are the must-have bags for spring-summer 2024?

While fashion trends are by definition short-lived, one thing remains constant: the search for the perfect leather bag, the one that will stand the test of time, acquiring an elegant patina as it ages. Whether rigid or ultra-soft, large and spacious or structured in its lines, minimalist or with lots of pockets - your bag is a daily accessory that says a lot about your lifestyle.

Handbag Alani 1 Melvin & Hamilton

From the art of woven leather to the joyful palette of tie-dyes, spring's leather handbags are somewhere between bold and timeless. What are the season's must-have models? Find out in pictures!

01 The timelessness of woven leather

The delicate art of woven leather holds a special place in our spring-summer 2024 bag collection. Crafting this material requires meticulousness and skill from our craftsmen. At Melvin & Hamilton, we combine this expertise with continuous innovation, both technically and aesthetically.

The tote bag format

Shoulder bag  Alaia 1 Melvin & Hamilton

With its large handles and bohemian look, this is the perfect leather tote for the office this summer. From the signature weave to the metallic reinterpretations of our latest models, these large, practical, lightweight tote bags are a must-have for every summer wardrobe.

The mini format

Mini handbag Alani 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Despite its apparent lightness, plaited leather is renowned for its stability and durability, even when it comes to a mini leather bag! A business dinner, a concert, a few days' getaway... This small format will be your travelling companion all summer long. As elegant as it is practical, you can fit all your essentials in it, day or night.

The hybrid format

Handbag Kimberly 1 Melvin.& Hamilton

Carried on the shoulder or by hand, the Kimberly model embodies casual elegance. Powder rose, chick yellow... Whether it's a colourful woven leather model for a sunny day or a timeless black woven leather model for an evening out, this model is unparalleled in its versatility, perfect for any occasion.

02 The tie-dye revival

These gradient shades are one of the key mid-season trends. Straight out of the seventies and shunned for several seasons in favour of monochrome silhouettes, tie-dye is making a comeback for spring 2024. From soft pastels to more vibrant shades, here are all our bag styles in colourful shades.

The clutch bags

Clutch bag Frisco Melvin & Hamilton

Reminiscent of the subtle nuances of a sunset or a watercolour painting, this orange tie-dye is synonymous with spring, mild temperatures and long days. The vibrant colours used on the leather clutches in our new collection, will add a warm, summery touch to all your outfits.

The handbags

Handbag Vancouver Melvin & Hamilton

For an eclectic outfit, this is the handbag to choose: a hybrid size between a leather briefcase and a large clutch, short, easy-grip handles, a large zip and an elegant shade of blue. How to incorporate the new Vancouver model into your spring wardrobe? Throw on a white cotton T-shirt, an oversized beige suit jacket and high-waisted jeans. Finally, accessorise your outfit with large earrings and a selection of vintage jewellery on your fingers or wrists.



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