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Dress code: the perfect shoes for the office

When you walk into the office or an open space, for a meeting, a job interview or a little later for an afterwork, it is always reassuring to have a pair of shoes that will provide some confidence. The good news is that business dress code does not always mean discomfort and/or sombreness.

From traditional suits to preppy silhouettes, there are countless polished looks that combine elegance and simplicity. And this is thanks to shoes that put comfort first and add personality to a conventional outfit in an instant.

Women's Monks Selina 2 Melvin & Hamilton

It is possible to stay true to the basics of the business wardrobe while playing with the elements of clothing with modern lines, warm colours and winter materials such as velvet or leather. And while some swear by the comfort of soft mules or leather sandals, others will especially appreciate more classic dress shoes.

Mid-season is the perfect time to put on your loafers, oxfords, monks, ankle boots or derbies. No need to pile on the models, these city shoes go with countless outfits, from the most formal to the most extravagant. To make sure you look good on all fronts with your office attire, here is our selection of shoes that will guarantee you a confident step and a smashing stride.

01 Loafers, derbies, oxfords, sneakers, monks.... How to wear flat shoes to the office?

Women's loafers Selina 3 Melvin & Hamilton

An essential part of the business wardrobe, the white cotton shirt can form the basis of a successful office outfit: pair it with a green velvet overshirt and dark jeans that are tight around the hips. To upgrade these neutrals in an instant, put on a pair of colourful derbies, loafers with tassels or monks with jagged soles.

You are more of a fan of white sneakers? Then choose a white cotton t-shirt and pleated trousers for your outfit, a chic element no longer reserved for special occasions! For video conferences or to the office, opt for a business suit: a linen or flannel jacket. If you are not so cold, you can even put on a thin body under your jacket as soon as it gets a little cooler.

Women's derbies Jade 2 Melvin & Hamilton

02 Leather boots and ankle boots: how to wear high shoes for the office

Women's ankle boots Susan 10 Melvin & Hamilton

How to make sure you look good for any occasion? One thing is certain: comfort, especially at this time: this season marks the return of leather ankle boots and tall boots, which come in a variety of colours and support the foot and ankle well. They will tempt colour lovers and are perfect to reflect your personality and your mood of the moment.

The oversized blazer is the perfect way to dim the flashy colours a little to create a modern silhouette by exploring the codes of feminine-masculine. Slip on an embroidered blouse under your jacket that instantly gives your look a bohemian touch. To finish it off, there are plenty of alternatives to classic jeans!

There are many trousers that are essential in the business wardrobe: 7/8th trousers, trouser suits, trousers with pleats, etc. The same goes for the family of skirts, which offers a wide range of models adapted for the office: wrap skirts, pencil skirts or midi skirts, all of which are easy to pair with thick plain or sheer tights.

03 Which bag for the office?

Leather handbag Vancouver Melvin & Hamilton

A neat business wardrobe can be complemented by colourful and original bags: if you have an eye for detail, this is the heading for you! The more discreet will forgo extravagant shoes and flashy colours, but will be able to express their personality through their accessories.

To play with colours like a pro, it is best to focus on two or at most three colours. For example, add a touch of light to your look with a shoulder bag and braided handles, or create contrast with colours that stand out: a pink clutch, a blue backpack or a yellow handbag. On a more formal note, the black leather shoulder bag is a safe bet that can be worn with anything.


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