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What shoes to wear in the rain to stay stylish?

Should you roll out the red carpet for rubber boots at the first drop of rain? Whether it's a drizzle or a downpour, your choice of footwear is crucial to staying dry. Whether you're walking, cycling, taking the metro or driving, you need to feel protected at the first sign of threatening skies, and choose shoes that suit your day's programme. Whether wearing a skirt and tights, rolled up jeans or tucked into your ankle boots, the perfect outfit to reconnect with the autumn days combines aesthetics and comfort.

So that the rain doesn't dictate your style, we've looked at the questions you've been asking yourself: how to choose the right shoes for walking in the rain? How do you protect your shoes from the rain? And finally, how do you take care of leather shoes that have been in the rain? Here are our tips on how to keep your feet dry and face the wet in style.

01 Choosing the right soles

Womens Sneakers Nuri 14 Melvin & Hamilton

Don't let a few drops ruin your good mood. Rain doesn't mean a lack of style, and chunky soles or platforms are a good way to keep up with the weather. To stay dry and avoid slipping, bring out your leather shoes with soles that grip the ground: boots, ankle boots or sneakers. When it comes to materials, choose 100% rubber soles that are thick enough to keep the leather from coming into contact with the wet ground. Aesthetic and comfortable, platforms will modernise a classic silhouette in the blink of an eye.

Mens Sneakers Harvey 51 Melvin & Hamilton

02 Choosing the right leather

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To carefully choose the right pair of shoes for rainy days, it is important to consider the materials they are made of and avoid those that soak up water quickly. Although we have not developed 100% waterproof shoes, we still recommend that you wear classic leather shoes. To avoid wet feet and moisture stains on your shoes, patent leather is even better as it is very water resistant. If you want to avoid rain boots and would prefer a model that combines elegance and comfort, take a look at our Stefy collection: patent leather shoes with a super comfortable sole.

03 How to protect your shoes from the rain?

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From October onwards, you should take an umbrella with you everywhere and take care of your shoes. The most important thing is to moisturise your shoes regularly: the fat from the shoe cream will provide a natural protection. If your shoes are new, they will have been creamed and polished before leaving the workshop. Finally, we advise you to avoid chemical sprays, which are toxic for our colours and leathers which are treated naturally. Sprays react differently to natural products and can have unpredictable effects, such as discolouring your shoes.

04 How to take care of your shoes, if they get wet?

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The first thing to avoid is putting your leather shoes directly on or under a heat source, such as your heater or hair dryer. To save your wet leather shoes or to give them a fresh look, the best thing to do is to put newspaper inside them. You can then let them air dry and dab them with a dry cloth. Finally, take care of the leather by applying a coat of shoe cream to your dry shoes.


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