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Quick tip: Do's and don't's of shoe care in winter

This coming time it’s too often rainy, grey and uncomfortable outside. That’s not only a harder time for us, but also for our favorite shoes.

Road salt, ice and snow are additional burdens for our footwear. To make sure not only you but also your Melvin & Hamilton’s get safe through the cold winter month, we did a little summary with the most important points when it comes to shoe care in winter.

What’s important when it comes to shoe care in the winter?

01 Do's

- Remove traces of road salt and snow with a damp cloth

- Remove laces during the drying procedure

- Stuff your shoes with newspaper to draw the moisture away from the shoes

-Use our shoe tree in cedar wood to get rid of the last moisture and un pleasant odors

- Remove dirt and dust with a cleaning brush

- Use nourishing cream as a preventive measure and treat with high-quality shoe cream to protect against environmental influences

- Allow your shoes to take a break and wear them alternately

Shoe care products Melvin & Hamilton

02 Don’t’s

- Avoid moisture and dirt on the leather shoes

- Do not dry them on heater

- Do not use impregnation spray

- Do not use too much shoe cream, a small hazelnut well spread over the shoe is enough

- Don’t wait too long, care for your shoes periodically

Pay attention to these basic rules your leather shoes will be well prepared for even most cold winter. And they will be ready to shine in all their glory for spring!


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