MORE REDUCTIONS ONLINE Save up to -60% on more than 300 models!
MORE REDUCTIONS ONLINE Save up to -60% on more than 300 models!

New arrivals: toiletry bags, backpacks and many more!

by Melvin & Hamilton
Leather bags and backpacks Melvin & Hamilton

We love sharing our passion for leather, that is why apart from creating original shoes, we also create leather goods such as key chains, bracelets, shoe horns and belts. Now exclusively in our e-shop, you can also find leather toiletry bags, backpacks and women's belts!

Men's shoe guide - which type of shoes is right for which occasion

by Melvin & Hamilton
Men's shoe guide Melvin & Hamilton

Dress shoes can make or break your outfit. We can understand that differentiating between various types of shoes may not always be easy and that not all shoe types fit to every occasion. In this guide you will see the overview of different types of footwear.


by Melvin & Hamilton
Budapester shoe Dave 3 Melvin & Hamilton

Have you ever asked yourself how those pretty, classy shoes with the floral detailing at the toe-cap are called and how they’ve been made? Those hand-crafted models are called Budapester shoes. This style is an all-time favourite and very popular, especially when it comes to vintage and business shoes. Today we teach you a little bit about shoe knowledge. Get to know the Budapester shoe!

When music & fashion meet, it's rock chic!

by Melvin & Hamilton

We all have sometimes this sudden urge to break with our habits and try something totally new. If that sounds like you, keep reading, today we are presenting you a selection of Melvin & Hamilton shoes in rock chic version!

Animal prints are back for Fall

by Melvin & Hamilton
Women's Chelsea Boots Susan 10 - Melvin & Hamilton

Exotic leather work is one of specialities of Melvin & Hamilton brand and our designers, Karim & Olivier, love using exotic animals as a source of inspiration for the looks on the leather. Let's see what fall 2019 will bring us.

Addicted to sneakers - ugly shoes trend reinvented

by Melvin & Hamilton
Leather sneakers Melvin & Hamilton

"Ugly shoes" trend known also as "dad shoes" or "chunky sneakers" has recently taken over the fashion industry. In order to meet expectations of our fans, Melvin & Hamilton designed a whole line of unique sneakers. If you're still not sure if this trend is for you, then check how others are rocking their Flo and Kobe by Melvin & Hamilton!

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