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Earl and Adley loafers: the perfect balance between style and comfort

Make every step a style statement and give your feet the comfort they deserve. Discover the Earl men's and Adley women's collections now, and let yourself be charmed by these suede shoes that combine comfort, quality and elegance. Inspired by the Old Money aesthetic and featuring an ultra-lightweight gum sole, these suede loafers will allow you to walk around with style on weekends, evenings and even at the office. Check out our Earl and Adley collections for an incomparable look this summer.

01 Old Money: the trend that reclaims classic style

Men's loafers Earl 27 Melvin & Hamilton
Women's loafers Adley 1 Melvin & Hamilton

While fashion and trends are constantly evolving, the past sometimes makes a comeback to remind us of the timeless beauty of more classic styles. The Old Money aesthetic is a good example, a trend trending on TikTok and that draws its inspiration from the aristocracy of the 19th century and celebrates its refinement. A tribute to the preppy dress codes of the era, it highlights classic silhouettes, noble materials and sophisticated details. This trend emphasizes highly structural clothing: slim-fitting dresses, well-cut suits and immaculate shirts. The Old Money trend is also know for its refined details: pearl buttons, delicate embroidery, pearls or lace embellishments enhance clothes and shoes, making them more valuable and timeless.

02 The Earl collection, chic and comfortable

Men's loafers Earl 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Discover our collection of men's suede loafers, perfect for mid-season and warm summer days. Beige, grey, light blue... From the subtle charm of light tones to the captivating colours of summer, our colours offer you a wide range of possibilities. But that's not all! We've didn't forget about your comfort and gave these loafers an ultra-lightweight rubber sole. With a light cotton chino or well-cut jeans, for a casual stroll or a dinner out, Earl will adapt to any occasion.

03 The Adley collection, elegant and timeless

Women's loafers Adley 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Chic with a short dress or casual with high-waisted jeans, Adley is our women's collection of suede loafers, designed to accompany you in style all year round. With Adley, make the most of sunny days with a casual preppy style. For a busy day at the office or a night out with friends, these shoes will adapt to any occasion with remarkable ease. Whether you're looking for the subtlety of a pastel shade or the vibrancy of a bright color, you'll find something to suit you in the Adley collection!

04 How to clean and take care of your suede loafers?

Men's loafers Earl 27 Melvin & Hamilton

First, take a moment to examine your shoes. If you see stains, use a brush to gently remove them: rub gently in the direction of the pile to avoid damaging the material. You can also use a brush regularly to straighten the suede fibers and make them look more uniform. In general, be careful not to get suede leather too wet. Once you've finished cleaning, store your shoes in a bag or box away from direct heat. Finally, avoid exposing them to the sun, as this could alter the color of the leather. Now you have all the tips you need to clean your suede loafers and keep them as long as possible. Take care of them and they will accompany you in comfort and style all year long!


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