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Tiger or leopard: our style guide on how to wear animal printed shoes

Leopard, panther, zebra... Animal prints are a continuing classic in the women's wardrobe. But the hashtag #animalprint is also going viral on TikTok and Instagram. So 2024 is a year in which exotic flowers, tropical leaves, floral and leopard prints are celebrating a comeback. And even if the Hawaiian shirt is very popular, you don't necessarily have to wear it to be exotic and embrace the fashion trend of the year.

Women's ankle boots Selina 29 Melvin & Hamilton

These patterns don't only captivate shoe lovers, but also fashion lovers who like things a little more discreet. Handbags, belts or even scarves... To integrate this trend into your wardrobe, you can select printed accessories that emphasise the uniqueness of your look. The perfect combinations with animal prints are easy to find: Just follow our guide and find out how to incorporate the 2024 trend into your look with shoes and accessories.

01 How do I combine animal print with neutral outfits for a balanced look?

Women's ankle boots Susan 68 Melvin & Hamilton

Dare to incorporate animal print shoes into your everyday attire by subtly integrating them into your office wardrobe. Leopard-print ballerinas paired with a pencil skirt or zebra ankle boots with high-waisted trousers instantly elevate your business look with a touch of style. These patterns can also shine at a party, giving a unique twist to a more understated outfit.

If you choose patterned shoes, the key to a successful look is the balance of colours. Combine your shoes with an outfit in neutral colours such as black, white or beige. Whether it's a simple long dress, well-fitting jeans or cotton chino - the combination of animal print and simple colours is a perfect balance and harmonious contrast.

02 Trend 2024: How can you adopt the mix & match of prints without committing a faux pas?

Women's loafer Scarlett 45 Melvin & Hamilton

Don't be afraid to explore the bold trend of mix & match prints, because in 2024, visual chaos is not only accepted but also celebrated on the catwalks. But how do you find the ideal combination of different patterns? Once again, balance plays an important role: combine the extravagance of zebra or leopard prints with the simplicity of symmetrical stripes or dots.

Just bear in mind the importance of tonal consistency in maintaining a balanced look: within the same colour palette, make sure the shades of your outfit complement each other.

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