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Derbies, monks or loafers, when our classic styles gain height

In fashion, new trends are often just daring reinterpretations of timeless classics. This season, a new trend stands out: street shoes with a thick sole. This unexpected combination of traditional lines and modern design redefines elegance and enhances any look by adding a few centimetres to it.

01 Classic in a new guise for maximum effect

Men's monks Patrick 30 Melvin & Hamilton
Women's derbies Jenny 6 Melvin & Hamilton

Whether derbies, loafers, oxfords or monks - classic shoes are gaining in importance again and are the top models of 2024. However, these are not the ordinary versions we see on the catwalks and the streets. These iconic basics are being redesigned and put on thick soles. The extra centimetres give these timeless lines a cool twist and an unexpected dimension.

02 Focus on comfort: style without compromising comfort

Women's derbies Jenny 6 Melvin & Hamilton
Women's loafer Jade 58 Melvin & Hamilton

Who says style has to come before comfort? The trend for thick soles offers the best of both worlds. Walk confidently over the cobblestones of the city or through the corridors of your office, thanks to a stable and firm base. These shoes provide suitable arch support by distributing body weight evenly. This feature is particularly appreciated by those who walk long distances or spend long hours on their feet.

03 Platform or wedge: versatile shoes for every occasion

Women's loafers Jade 6 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's derbies Pierce 2 Melvin & Hamilton

Whether it's subtle platforms or slightly more voluminous thick soles, this redesign offers a new perspective on the classic style. The advantage of this trend lies in its versatility. City shoes with a thick sole are infinitely versatile and can be worn effortlessly from the office to a more relaxed evening out. Pair platform derbies with well-fitted trousers for a formal look and then switch to wedge loafers to dance into the night.


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