Which shoes to choose for a long walk in the city?

Comfortable shoes for walking - Melvin & Hamilton

Whether you are a person who plans two months in advance or one of those who does everything last minute, December is all about christmas gifts. A never-ending quest that requires the optimal equipment, starting with a chic but comfortable pair of shoes.

Today we show you our selection of the best shoes for long walks and strolling around the city. A guide which also works perfectly for visits to major capitals or long weekend trips in the countryside.

01 The most comfortable shoes for long distances: sneakers

Notice to sportsmen and sportwomen! Sneakers are ideal when you want to be warm while remaining chic. Right in line with the athleisure trend, sneakers are perfect for wide or sensitive feet and prevent them from swelling at the end of the day.

Ideally, the shoes should be made of breathable material to maintain heat while avoiding perspiration. Worn with raw denim for him or a long dress for her, white sneakers go with any look and combine comfort with elegance.

Men's sneakers Harvey 51 Melvin & Hamilton

02 The ideal shoes for long walks in the city: loafers

If you don't want to let aching feet ruin your walk or the next wedding reception, loafers will be your best friends. Barefoot in summer or with socks to face the cold, this flat and elegant model is a must-have in every shoe closet.

While they are convenient to put on, they might be a bit stiff at first. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply talcum powder to the friction areas between the skin and the shoe. Finally, a moisturizing cream will allow you to smoothen the leather so that it adapts perfectly to your foot.

Women's loafer Selina 3 Melvin & Hamilton

03 The warmest shoes for walks in the rain: ankle boots

To give your ankles more stability, you should prefer lace-up ankle boots.They are ideal for walking long distances whether it's raining or it's windy. In cold seasons, you should go for fur lined ankle boots.

For an urban look, rubber-soled ankle boots are a must have to face the cold and stay chic at the same time. Waterproof, comfortable and light, it's the perfect sole to walk for a long time in the city.

Men's ankle boot Matthew 38 Melvin & Hamilton

04 The most stylish shoe for your next trip: derbies

To tread the pavement with elegance, derbies will be your best allies. They have a thick sole to absorb shocks and are made of soft leather that adapts to the shape of your foot.

At the end of the day don't forget to use shoe trees to keep the leather of your derbies in good condition and avoid creases.

Men's derby Ron 2 Melvin & Hamilton

05 All-terrain shoes to walk the streets: boots

For your next trip or weekend getaway this is the perfect pair of shoes to pack. The timeless style of the boots allows you to wear them all day long without going back to your hotel to change - from a museum visit to evening festivities.

Easy to put on and essential in winter, boots come in several styles depending on the occasion: sock boots, riding boots or the inevitable rain boots.

Women's boot Selina 61 Melvin & Hamilton

06 The lightest shoes for warm temperatures: ballet pumps

To avoid foot pain, it is best to choose flat shoes or shoes with small heels rather than high heels.

Choose a lightweight shoe for your next long walk. Ballerinas will allow you to stroll comfortably, without worrying about the miles you covered. Wear them barefoot in summer and combine them with thights in winter. Choose soft leather for comfort guaranteed from morning to night.

07 The right thing to do after a long walk: care for your leather shoes

To avoid blisters on your feet it is important to know how to soften your leather shoes.

Shoe trees, leather moisturizers and grandma's tricks...There are many ways to avoid foot pain with your new leather shoes. Follow the guide!