6 fashion tips to wear your loafers with elegance

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As soon as the weather becomes warmer, loafers become our go-to model of shoes. This essential model of men's and women's wardrobes ensures perfect breathability thanks to the leather insole, even if the spring morning turns into a hot day. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to slip on, what could be better for the transitional season? It is the ideal pair of shoes for summer temperatures and hot weather.

Classic and preppy leather loafers, more casual suede loafers, platform loafers with sportswear accents... This timeless model adapts to all styles and all seasons.

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What are the types of loafers?

The history of the loafer is rich in anecdotes and traditions. Whether monochrome or two-tone, this model is a must among low shoes for men and women. In the family of loafers, there are two main types: the loafer, and the penny loafer.
The loafer is casual and relaxed: it is worn without socks and is recognisable by its seam on top. It can be decorated with pompons or tassels as in tassel loafers, or with a metal snaffle bit as in horsebit loafers.
The penny loafer is more dressed up, and takes its name from an American tradition: the top is finished with a decorative tab, where students used to slip a coin as a good luck charm.
In a classic and colourful version there is also the so-called "Driver", also known as "Car shoe". It is popular among drivers because of its practical features and non-slip studded sole.

At Melvin & Hamilton, we love loafers and varying them is one of our favourite exercises! It wasn't easy to put together a selection of loafers for you... But here are our suggestions and tips for wearing loafers for all occasions!

01 What trousers to wear with your loafers?

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The loafer is a very elegant shoe that allows you to dare a mix of styles and materials. In leather, suede, patterned or openwork, these shoes can be adapted to all types of pants, depending on the occasion. The challenge, in terms of look, is to find the right length pants: fitted at your ankle or delicately placed on top of your shoes. To ensure this winning combo, choose a 7/8th pant or a hemmed pant. A pair of flannel pants is an elegant alternative to jeans, which are more suitable for a casual and relaxed look.

02 How to wear your loafers to the office?

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For a chic and comfortable look, choose a pair of penny loafers in brown suede, light leather or patent leather. The elegant silhouette of this shoe will add a sophisticated touch to any business outfit. What trousers to wear with your loafers to the office? With these timeless models, let your creativity run wild! A pair of jeans, a chino, and maybe even suit pants for big meetings. For the top, choose a plain t-shirt, a striped shirt and a blazer over it when the temperatures call for it!

03 Festive loafers: what pair of loafers to choose for a wedding?

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With summer parties and weddings coming up, loafers are perfect for staying stylish and flat! Paired with a blue suit on the man's side and a floral dress on the woman's side, this pair of shoes will ensure comfort and lightness, a perfect combination for dancing the night away. From classic loafers to eye-catching versions with pompoms, Melvin & Hamilton's collections have the right loafers for you to celebrate the arrival of summer.

04 Which loafers to put in your suitcase to go on vacation?

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The sound of the waves, the smell of salt in the air... Do you follow us? Light and elegant, the loafer is the ideal shoe model to slip into your suitcase when going on a holiday. Not very bulky, this shoe is also ultra-comfortable and will allow you to walk for a long time. No matter what you're up to, whether you're strolling through the streets and museums on a city break or enjoying a drink by the water, loafers go perfectly with a casual day or evening look: white jeans or linen pants, striped sweater, light sweatshirt...

05 Casual or preppy: which loafers to wear for during mid-season?

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More of a Gossip Girl or modern dandy? Originally designed for American students, the penny loafer is one of our standard styles for spring. If you love British chic, you can wear these loafers with both a long dress and skinny jeans. As soon as the temperatures rise, be sure to apply talcum powder to the friction points between the skin and the shoe to prevent aching feet.

06 For the fashion lovers: how to wear loafers in winter?

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If you love to make bold choices and break the codes in terms of look, the loafer has not finished surprising you. To face the cold while remaining chic in winter, dare to combine leather loafers and wool socks by choosing funky models with patterns. For women, opt for plain or fancy tights to keep your legs warm: a trendy and easy-to-wear combination

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