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Red shoes: how to wear them with style all year round?

The symbolism of the red colour is multifaceted and the history behind it meaningful. Perceived as a dynamic and passionate colour, it is often associated with power and royalty. From bright to darker shades, this bold colour is more than ever present on the catwalks and in the streets - whether as an all-over look or a single detail.

To wear this color like a pro, some simple rules exist. Should it be combined with a cameo of the same tone? Should you choose lighter colours to create contrast? Should you reduce the fiery temperature with black or white tones? From the corporate meeting to your best friend's wedding, from staying discreet to an breathtaking entrance - here are our style tips to wear your red shoes in the right way.

What to wear with red shoes?

A touch of colour on your shoes or an all-over look from head to toe - red is (almost) always a good idea. For a complete look in red, you should prefer simple cuts to leave room for the colour itself. If you decide to wear the colour as a detail, red can add a sophisticated twist to a simple outfit: belts, mini-bags, large tote bags or of course red shoes... You have the choice!

What shade of red to choose for your shoes?

Coral, scarlet, ruby red, burgundy...Whether rather lighter or darker, play with the intensity and test several shades of red depending on your skin tone and mood. We also recommend not to mix different shades of red and to favour only one and the same red for your outfit.

Combined with more neutral shades, this primary colour can completely change the game and spice up a plain, classic silhouette. In terms of materials, keep in mind that red will appear differently on suede, grained or patent leather.

01 Men's fashion: How to wear your red shoes?

Red shoes in summer

Red men's loafers Leonardo 4 Melvin & Hamilton

In order to be stylish and still able to walk comfortably long distances, red loafers or red sneakers are the way to go. If you choose them in bright red, it will be best to wear a simple outfit and subtle accessories: a white t-shirt, a light shirt, a blue chino or straight jeans. When in doubt, raw denim is usually the safe option in the men's wardrobe. For a chic summer look, opt for leather sandals inspired by spartan or fisherman sandals, light linen shorts and a striped shirt.

Red shoes in winter

Red men's loafers Lance 44 Melvin & Hamilton

Shoes in warm colours are perfect to spread good mood in gray seasons and the unsettled weather, making them a must-have for any winter look. For an elegant silhouette, create contrast by pairing your red shoes with a black total look. You're more a fan of red accents? In winter, dare to use this colour on your socks or as a detail on your shoes: the red leather laces of your oxfords, the sole of your monks, the elastic of your Chelsea Boots...

02 Women's fashion: How to wear your red shoes?

Red shoes in summer

Red mules for women Elodie 31

In summer, there's something about the combination of printed fabric and red shoes that always works. And it's even better if the print has some red accents! Whether it's a vichy check print or a dotted fabric for a pin-up look, prints are at their best when worn with a bright colour. For the brave among you, animal prints from zebra to leopard are perfect for a rock-chic look.

Red shoes in winter

Women's red derbies Amelie 14 Melvin & Hamilton

In winter, a simple but stylish option is to combine your red shoes with metallic tones: Gold, silver, bronze... For a special occasion at the office, a party outfit or a dinner for two, this colour combination is always a chic choice: coral orange derbies and iridescent perfecto, burgundy ankle boots and gold mini-skirt, red sneakers and silver mini-bag... This combo of colours mixes skillfully elegance and modernity.


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