How to wear socks with loafers in style this winter?

Men's loafers with socks Melvin & Hamilton

The combination of loafer and sock is an iconic duo in pop culture, made famous by Michael Jackson and his famous combination of black patent loafers and white socks. But you don't have to be the king of pop or a professional moonwalker to dare this combo.

The loafer is a must-have low-top shoe for men and women, whether it's plain or two-tone. As horse-bit loafers, with tassels or even without any details, they are available in many forms and can be worn all year round.

So how do you style your loafers with socks this winter? If you're more of a businessman than a singer, here are our tips for staying stylish and avoiding faux-pas.

When to wear socks with your loafers?

From spring to winter, leather or suede loafers can be worn in all seasons. As soon as the winter temperatures arrive, two schools of thought coexist: those who are chilly will choose to wear tights or socks with their loafers, and the more daring will remain barefoot.

Regardless of the climate and temperature, it is always more comfortable to wear a pair of socks with your loafers to avoid sweat and discomfort. This protection between your skin and the leather of the shoe allows you to be comfortable all day long.

With a thick sole to cushion shocks, or a flexible leather sole that adapts to the shape of your foot, loafers worn with socks are perfect for walking the streets or going from one meeting to another.

When it comes to style, what pair of trousers to wear with loafers?

Rolled up or with a simple hem, the ideal trousers stop at the ankle. If they are a little longer, they should sit delicately on the top edge of your loafers to avoid weighing down the silhouette. In terms of tones and colours, pick a sock colour from the colour scheme of your trousers. However, avoid matching the colour of your socks with that of your shoes.

What socks to wear with your loafers?

In fine wool or cotton, high or mid-calf, socks will be ideal to keep your legs and feet warm this winter. Fancy, patterned or plain, choose them with reinforced heels and toes: they will fit your feet perfectly and last longer. In terms of colour, here is a look at the most successful loafer-sock combinations.

01 What socks to wear with coloured loafers?

Men's loafers Clive 20 and socks Jamie 1 by Melvin & Hamilton

Practical to slip on and perfect for keeping it casual but stylish, the coloured loafer is perfect for any time of day. They're the perfect low-top pair to take on the weekend: they'll dress up a casual pair of jeans during the day, and pair well with a suit for a romantic dinner in the evening. To create contrast and bring out the colour of your shoes, choose dark socks: fancy ones with dark patterns, or plain ones.

02 What socks to wear with dark loafers?

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Anthracite grey, charcoal or ebony black, dark leather or suede loafers allow you to get creative and capitalise on the socks. Choose pop patterns, primary colours or funky details. With a dark chino or suit trousers, it's the perfect business outfit for going from the office to dinner with friends.

03 What socks to wear with light-coloured loafers?

Men's loafers Brad 10 and socks Jamie 1 by Melvin & Hamilton

Avoid wearing socks in very light colours with sand or camel loafers. Instead, choose socks that are half a tone lighter or darker than your shoes. Here, socks with chic or fancy patterns are ideal for a special occasion or an off-season wedding. Put on a grey flannel suit, fine wool socks and leather loafers with tassels: you are elegant and ready to celebrate.

04 What socks to wear with women's loafers?

Sometimes preppy, sometimes retro, the women's leather loafer is a timeless shoe model, an essential basic that can be worn all year round. To be chic while keeping your feet warm, dare to twist these classic shoes with original socks. In the women's wardrobe, the choice of socks is somewhat more varied. Fishnet knee-highs, sequined socks, polka-dot tights... You're sure to make an statement!