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Weekend trip: which travel bag and which shoes to choose?

May usually starts with a lot of enthusiasm, with the aim of taking advantage of long weekends and other public holidays. Indeed, spring is the time for long weekends and longer days. A trip to Italy, France, Germany or Spain... Do you need another reason to get excited about this mini trip? Here's one: a new travel bag.

You've probably been faced with this dilemma before: you're planning a few days away, a business trip or a weekend trip, but realize that none of your luggage options are suitable for that duration. This is where the leather or canvas travel bag comes in, which is by definition durable and very practical. The perfect travel bag can be carried easily and hold all your stuff without wrinkling it thanks to several storage spaces: clothes, but also toiletries, laptop, books...

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While choosing the right travel bag is important, selecting the right shoes should not be neglected. Shoes can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to packing a suitcase. For the "just in case" lovers, it's always easy to convince yourself that you need to bring a second or even third pair of shoes in your luggage, even for a trip of a few days.

Weekend getaways are often about spontaneity, so a pair of easy-to-wear shoes is a must. Your shoes should be a hybrid: comfortable to walk around all day, yet stylish enough to wear to the restaurant that night.

For all your spring escapes and to take only the necessities on a weekend excursion, we've explored all the options for the most practical travel bags, and the most comfortable shoes. Follow the guide!

01 The best travel bags: practical, durable and easy to carry

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We're talking about a large bag, bulkier than a tote bag but smaller than a suitcase, just roomy enough to hold a few outfits and pairs of shoes. The best travel bags are durable, functional, and include multiple compartments, both internal and external.

When choosing your weekend bag, it is also important to consider the resistance of the strap or handles. Finally, pay particular attention to the materials: choose a robust textile, ideal for regular use, and resistant to the harsh conditions during transport and weather. Flexible, light and easy to carry, backpacks are also popular for short trips, for example, to meet the size requirements for carry-on luggage when travelling by plane.

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The perfect duffle bags for a weekend trip

Which backpack to choose for a few days trip?

02 All-terrain shoes to put in your bag for a weekend trip

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If you're travelling for a few days, take a pair of shoes that you can wear all weekend, no matter what the programme. Think about the space your shoes will take up in your duffle bag and the activities you'll be doing over the weekend: ceremony or wedding, museum visits, dinner at a restaurant, a walk in the woods... The perfect shoes for a weekend can be worn with jeans as well as a more formal outfit, such as a suit or long dress. Colourful, high to ensure good support for your ankles, with a platform to cushion each step, there is a wide choice of shoes suitable for a weekend trip.

A word of advice: while it may seem counter-intuitive, packing at the last minute could potentially save your weekend: this delay may allow you to check the weather the day before, and choose shoes and outfits accordingly.

Women's shoes to slip into the bag for a weekend

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For a short getaway, every inch counts in your travel bag, and the shoes you choose must combine style and practicality. Ballet flats are a must-have option for their timeless elegance and versatility. Leather loafers are also a perfect summer alternative, especially the ultra-comfortable Adley and Thea models. They pair beautifully with a light skirt for a summer evening or with jeans for a day of exploring your destination. Once confined to sports, leather sneakers now add a good dose of style and comfort to all your holiday looks. Essential for long walks, pack a pair in your bag to be ready for any situation with style.

Men's shoes to slip into the bag for a weekend

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For a weekend away, your choice of footwear should be both stylish and functional. Just like in women's wardrobe, men's leather loafers are essential due to their elegance and versatility. They go perfectly with chinos for a trip to the city or with jeans for a more casual look. Leather sneakers are also ideal for holidays. Leather adds a touch of sophistication while providing the necessary sturdiness for your various activities. If you pack a pair of leather loafers and trainers in your bag, you'll be ready for any weekend adventure in style.


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