Loafers, ankle boots, sneakers: which men's shoes to wear with jeans?

Men's shoes with jeans - Melvin & Hamilton

Jeans are the main piece of a man's wardrobe and the starting point around which you can build the rest of your outfit. The right denim is probably one of the most important (and durable) style investments you'll ever make, and the trick is to get it right the first time...

During the week, at the weekend or on holiday, jeans are probably the trousers you wear the most, whatever the season. However, finding the right model can be a tricky task, given the almost unlimited choice of existing cuts: straight jeans, slim jeans, flared jeans, high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans... These timeless trousers know how to adapt to all styles and all body types.

Once you've found the right jeans, what shoes should you choose? Whether it's a question of choosing the model or selecting the colours that will go elegantly with your outfit, it's not always easy to create an all-round combination. While jeans may at first glance be associated with a cool, casual image, they can also be elegant and provide the perfect twist by transforming a formal look into a casual silhouette.

Whether you're into sneakers, ankle boots, derbies or loafers, here's how to solve this surprisingly tricky equation without turning your wardrobe upside down. To make your life easier and save you time, check out our guide to the most successful jeans/shoe combinations to wear throughout the seasons.

01 How to wear your monks with jeans?

Men's Monks Lance 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Monks with their metallic details are a stylish alternative to the classic dress shoe. They are a perfect option for going to the office in style. For a professional, chic and casual look, pair them with a white shirt and straight raw denim jeans. Opt for black jeans for a more sophisticated look. Avoid baggy cuts that can look out of proportion. Does the thermometer show sub-zero temperatures? Complete your outfit with thin wool socks for a touch of comfort and warmth in winter.

02 How to wear your loafers with jeans?

Men's loafers George 5 and socks Jamie 1 by Melvin & Hamilton

For a formal yet comfortable silhouette, leather loafers are a great option to wear with jeans. Whether it's barbed, tasselled or sleek, this classic shoe style is ideal for creating a casual yet refined look. Choose colourful loafers that are bold enough to contrast with the blue of your denim. With a subtle nod to preppy style, choose classic socks in dark brown, burgundy or charcoal grey. For the rest of the outfit, keep it relatively simple: a leather belt, a white cotton t-shirt and a wool turtleneck if the weather imposes it.

03 How to wear your ankle boots with jeans?

Men's Chelsea Boots Trevor 9 Melvin & Hamilton

A safe, comfortable and always stylish combination! Indeed, wearing leather ankle boots with jeans is perhaps the surest way to avoid any style faux-pas. Choose classic straight or rolled-up jeans, the perfect denim style for everyday wear: with room in the thighs and calves, they ensure a smooth gait and a certain range of movement. In terms of footwear, while suede models will generally give you a city look, black leather boots are more sophisticated and ideal for going out. Finally, for a chic and casual look, opt for cool hiking boots or timeless Chelsea Boots, ideal for walking for a long time without pain.

04 How to wear your sneakers with jeans?

For a look that's easy to wear and works every time, this is the winning combination and the best compromise. At the centre of the athleisure and streetwear trends, leather sneakers are on the rise and now occupy a prime position among the must-have shoes in the men's wardrobe. To pull off this look and not overdo it, it's essential to find the right balance between basic clothing and modern pieces. For a minimalist look, opt for light skinny jeans and white sneakers. If you're a fashionista, opt for bootcut jeans and trainers in pop colours, chunky sneakers or ugly shoes.

05 How to wear your derbies with jeans?

Men's derbies Clint 34 Melvin & Hamilton

From dandy look to rock chic with a thick or notched sole, the derby is an all-rounder. A must-have for special occasions, these shoes are ideal for balancing the casual look of jeans. While black and brown models are the most traditional, textured and coloured options will create a unique look. When it comes to jeans, opt for classic cuts and darker tones: black or navy blue.

06 What shoes to wear with jeans this summer?

Men's boat shoes Adrian 8 Melvin & Hamilton

Fortunately, you don't need to own a sailboat to wear boat shoes. Whether you're heading to the office or to a summer dinner, the combination of denim and boat shoes is often a big hit. For an even lighter silhouette, opt for mules or leather sandals! Don't hesitate to combine them with other essential summer or mid-season pieces to reinforce the spring accents of your look: a light linen shirt, white jeans, a straw hat... From the seaside to the river banks, you're ready for summer!