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What shoes to wear with chinos this winter?

Men's chinos are cotton trousers that are halfway between comfort and elegance. Practical and suitable for everyday wear, they usually have back pockets and the chic to be worn for any occasion: formal with a suit jacket or cooler with a sweatshirt when you go to the office. Not too long and not too wide, the cut of this model and the soft material elongates your silhouette and ensures a relaxed walk. The loose cut is perfect for hot summer days and is even available in a short version!

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But let's get to the heart of the matter: what men's shoes to wear with chinos? The perfect alternative to men's jeans, but just as casual, chinos are a timeless pair of trousers. Whether you're a globetrotter, a businessman or a bit of both, you can wear this basic to any occasion: a wedding, a day at the office or a weekend in the country. Beige chinos, brown chinos, khaki, white... Their colours can be combined endlessly, multiplying the possibilities for looks you can wear all year round.

So there are plenty of combinations that always work, but the dilemma is not as complex as it seems! Here are the perfect combinations of chinos and men's shoes to stand out from the crowd.

01 What shoes to wear with dark, black or grey chinos?

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A pair of chinos with loafers in suede, smooth leather or embossed leather is the ideal combination for a formal yet casual look. If you prefer to wear closed shoes in winter, you should opt for leather Oxfords. However, make sure that the shoes match the colour of your chinos: Tone on tone with colourful socks as a contrast or as a classic combination with anthracite, wine red, black or navy blue. For the top, opt for a velvet or thick cotton shirt.

02 Which shoes to wear with beige chinos?

Men's loafers in suede leather Nelson 20 Melvin & Hamilton

For an event, a meeting, or simply because you want to be dressed up that day, here is a super elegant combination: a beige chino, a pair of classic boots or Chelsea boots and a light fleece sweater or a white t-shirt. This refined, all-purpose chino colour also works well with summer shoes: loafersboat shoes, leather sandals or mules for example.

03 Which shoes to wear with brown chinos?

Men's Sneakers Harvey 9 Melvin & Hamilton

Leather sneakers have secured their status as a trendy and essential shoe for several seasons now. To reinterpret this men's wardrobe basic, opt for a brown chino, a white cotton shirt and a pair of leather sneakers. A casual chic style that twists the very classic look of the shirt. For an even more casual look, don't hesitate to roll up the bottom of your trousers!

04 Which shoes to wear with a pair of khaki chinos?

Men's loafers Clive 22 Melvin & Hamilton

For an elegant walk and a simple, effective spring style, opt for a khaki chino, blue loafers and a graphic-print summer shirt. Leather loafers, a true standard in city footwear, are in vogue this summer and come in a range of colours. A chic and effortless summer promise that will instantly give your outfit a fresh look!

05 Which shoes to wear with white chinos?

Men's Derbies Pierce 2 Melvin & Hamilton

For a clean look and minimalist silhouette, opt for a white chino, leather derbies and a matching linen or cotton shirt. The contrast created by white will transform your style in the blink of an eye. Depending on your mood and activities of the day, here is a chic and light outfit to wear from the office to the restaurant. For the more chilly nights or to make this look even dressier, slip on a grey, beige or white suit jacket!

06 Which shoes to wear with chino shorts?

Men's sneakers Berlioz 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Chino shorts are making a comeback this month! To adapt to the summer temperatures, these shorts for men are the most elegant alternative in the men's wardrobe. To round off your summer style, opt for low-cut shoes: mules, sandals, loafers or leather sneakers, and slip on a short-sleeved shirt with graphic prints. After dark, opt for a leather jacket or a fine wool cardigan!


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