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Crossbody bag, mini bag, tote bag... Which handbag to choose this summer?

This month, the temperatures are rising together with our desire to get away. With summer just around the corner, you must be looking for the perfect handbag to take to the beach or the sunny terrace of a café. Are you a Mary Poppins fan of "just in case", or a rather a fan of minimalism like Marie Kondo? Whatever your preference is, the quest for the perfect bag to suit your look and lifestyle may not seem like a piece of cake.

The right handbag is timeless. Once it is finally found, the sentimental value of the memories linked to its unique history will make it a precious gift to be passed on from generation to generation. The purchase should be done without any pressure as it is important to avoid any mistakes when buying it.

Beyond its practicality, your bag can also be the central piece or the starting point of your outfit. Minimalist or extravagant, monochrome or multicoloured, the models are infinitely varied according to your taste. At Melvin & Hamilton, we choose high quality materials and pay particular attention to creative details: jewel clasp, braided handle, play of texture and hidden pockets... Craftsmanship and timeless design: you are sure to make a lasting choice.

To find a travel companion that will last through the seasons, and carry with you everywhere your laptop, books, smartphone, make-up... Here are the safe bets to invest in this summer and all our style advice to take the plunge. 

01 The hybrid handbag

Leather handbag Harper 1 Melvin & Hamilton

To challenge the traditional image often associated with shoulder bags or handbags, here is the model that has become one of the IT-bags of summer 2022.

A play of volumes to wear on your forearm or shoulder depending on your activities, a palette of soft or more vibrant colours to match your look... At the office, at the restaurant, or for a summer wedding, this chic and casual leather handbag will accompany you all year long.

02 The small handbag

Mini leather handbag Zinnia Melvin & Hamilton

Every year, as soon as the summer days arrive, a feeling of holidays is in the air. To get rid of the superficial and take only the necessary things with you during this long-awaited season, opt for a small handbag and slip in your essentials.

Elegant, light and easy to wear, this model has been trending for several seasons. With a long dress or a pair of jeans, it is perfect for travelling light and in style. Worn on the shoulder, in the hand or as a crossbody bag, your mini bag will adapt to all your desires.

03 The large handbag or tote bag

Leather tote bag Kimberly 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Immediate boarding! If you had to take only one bag on holidays, it would surely be the tote bag. This large, flexible and very practical bag is always appreciated during weekends and short trips. Also called a shopper bag, it will allow you to take books to read on the beach and to bring back a whole bunch of shells and other souvenirs.

Playful and geometric shapes, pop colours... Here is a stylish bag that will immediately bring a bright touch to your summer look.

04 The shoulder bag

Shoulder bag Quebec Melvin & Hamilton

This is the perfect all-purpose bag to take to the office or on last-minute getaways. If you want to keep your hands free and run your errands, there's nothing better than a shoulder bag.

At Melvin & Hamilton, we make it a point of honour to combine elegance and durability: our bags, characterised by the solidity of the materials chosen, are also distinguished by their refined and sophisticated finishes. Thanks to their detachable strap, they can be carried by hand or over the shoulder.


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